Check UNLAlert contacts, view 'Shots Fired' video at emergency website

Opening scene from 'Shots Fired'
Opening scene from 'Shots Fired'

Following the Feb. 24 gun-sighting incident and lockdown on East Campus, UNL Police reminds faculty, staff and students to educate themselves about lockdown situations and asks everyone to check their UNLAlert contacts to be sure their numbers are still in the system.

Links to a video called 'Shots Fired on Campus: When Lightning Strikes,' is at . The video is licensed for UNL use and is available only from on-campus.

The 20-minute 'Shots Fired' training video outlines and demonstrates what to do if an armed intruder is seen or reported.

The video and the website has guidelines on what to do in an "active shooter" situation, such as locking yourself in your classroom or office, barricading doorways, turning out the lights and staying quiet, calling 911 from your cellular phone, and staying put until police arrive or an all-clear signal or message is sent.

The video was produced by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety.

A link to UNLAlert, the campus notification system, is at .

UNL assistant police chief Fred Gardy said there are reports and evidence that some contact names and numbers have been dropped, in error, from UNLAlert. Police is working with the communication system vendor, WARN, to find the problem. In the meantime, if you did not receive an alert, check your contact numbers in UNLAlert.

You may need to re-enter your contact information, Gardy said.

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