Math master’s program now online

Mathematicians today are acknowledging Pi Day, the celebration of the irrational number Pi (approximately 3.14), which is produced by dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter. UNL's Department of Mathematics is celebrating by announcing that its Mathematics Master of Arts in Teaching program is now available online.

With the flexibility and convenience of the online format, teachers of grades 6-12 who can not come to campus can access the degree program, which helps them develop a deeper understanding of mathematics in the secondary curriculum and strengthens their skills in mathematics pedagogy.

Applications for the program are being accepted for fall 2013.

The teaching staff of the MAT courses is a blend of UNL professors and K-12 master teachers. This combination ensures that courses provide an advanced study of mathematical concepts in the high school curriculum while also being grounded in the reality of the classroom.

The program also includes an option for a focus on middle level mathematics. Teachers who select this option will have an individualized program of study with a greater focus on mathematical content underlying middle level curricula in lieu of some of the courses designed exclusively for high school teachers.

Courses are also designed to align with concept categories in the Common Core State Standards and with the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

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