Bailey to help create online resource for educators

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UNL's Cheryl Bailey and colleagues at five other universities are leading a national effort to build an online resource for biochemistry and molecular biology educators.

Announced June 24, the project is led by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. It is funded by a $370,000 National Science Foundation Research Coordination Network Undergraduate Biology Education grant.

The five-year grant supports the creation of an online hub that will include core concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology, assessment tools and effective pedagogical approaches.

The project is led by Bailey, an assistant professor of biochemistry; Ellis Bell, a professor of chemistry at the University of Richmond; Hal White, a professor at University of Delaware; Duane Sears, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara; Margaret Johnson, an associate professor at the University of Alabama; and Carla Mattos, an associate professor at North Carolina State University.

To guide the project, the ASBMB will host a series of one-day workshops with educators and researchers across the nation. The workshops are expected to draw hundreds of life scientists together to help develop and evaluate foundational concepts needed for the online resource.

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