Chancellor congratulates 'Live Healthy Nebraska' participants

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Fifty days in to the 100-day wellness challenge, Chancellor Harvey Perlman congratulated participants on their success thus far in "Live Healthy Nebraska:"

"I am aware that the UNL participants in the 'Live Healthy Nebraska' program have done extremely well on many metrics. At this halfway point in the 100-day wellness challenge, I wanted to congratulate you.

Here are some interesting observations about UNL's involvement in 'Live Healthy Nebraska.'

There are 456 UNL faculty and staff participating in the program; that alone is remarkable. Adding up the results of everyone involved - the members of all 61 teams across campus - you have collectively achieved the following since January:

- Lost a group total of 717 pounds, (equal to the weight of an average zebra according to a quick Web search)

- Logged 11,961 hours of activity, (equal to nearly 500 days)

- The 47 teams reporting mileage data have walked or run a total of 37,823 miles, roughly the equivalent of 12 times across the continental United States, depending on where you start and end.

Whatever you are doing, please keep doing it. It's clearly working. Special thanks to our Wellness Ambassadors in departments who are encouraging their colleagues to be active and healthy.

There are many more activities slated for this spring during the second half of the 100 days, and those are listed on the Wellness website at I encourage you to take part in as many of them as you can.

- Harvey Perlman, Chancellor

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