Business conference to mark 105 years of doctoral research

The Department of Economics and the College of Business Administration is celebrating 105 years of doctoral research during the 2011 England-Clark Conference, April 7-8.

Twelve alumni of the doctoral program are presenting current research at the conference. The featured speaker is Keith Hall, commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hall will discuss the current state of the U.S. labor market during the conference's closing banquet.

The conference is named after Anderson W. Clark and Minnie Throop England, the first two recipients of Ph.D. degrees from what was then the Department of Economics and Sociology.

Clark, who received his degree in 1905, was a much-loved humanitarian who founded the Child Saving Institute in Omaha. The institute still serves the children of eastern Nebraska.

England, who received her degree in 1906, published a series of pioneering papers on business cycle theory and financial crises. Her work is being rediscovered in light of recent economic developments. From 1906 to 1919, England worked as faculty in the University of Nebraska's newly established Department of Political Economy and Commerce.

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