Task force outlines ways to save on IT purchases

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An information technology task force has issued a report outlining ways UNL can maximize returns on IT purchases.

The report, available for download at http://go.unl.edu/it_report, identifies ways to reduce costs, including those related to hardware and software procurement. The report is not intended to identify potential budget cuts. Instead, the Information Technology Cost Reducing Task Force’s report outlines ways UNL can use existing dollars more strategically to create an information technology structure that supports the upward momentum of the university.

UNL spends approximately $42 million per year on computer hardware, software and IT-related staffing. Chancellor Harvey Perlman appointed the task force in fall 2010 to study the IT landscape and make recommendations on how UNL could maximize efficiencies on IT spending. Task force members include senior staff, faculty, students and IT leaders.

The task force focused attention on IT transformation and efficiencies as they relate to the type of institution UNL is poised to become in the next three to five years, rather than on maintaining status quo.