IANR prepares for Husker Harvest Days

“Inspiring Young Nebraskans” is the theme for the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ exhibits at this year’s Husker Harvest Days show near Grand Island. The show is Sept. 13-15.

“Helping grow Nebraska’s future, helping meet Nebraska’s needs in food, fuel, water, other natural resources and people, is a chief goal of IANR, as part of Nebraska’s land-grant university,” said Ronnie Green, NU Vice President and IANR Harlan Vice Chancellor. “Helping Nebraska’s youth — helping Nebraskans of all ages — grow their knowledge and abilities to contribute to their own and Nebraska’s future success is very important to us.”

This is the fourth year IANR’s teaching, research and extension education exhibits focus on a topical area of interest for Nebraskans.

Husker Harvest Days participants visiting the Husker Red exhibit building on the south side of the showground at Lot 321 this year will see many ways IANR and UNL Extension are working to inspire young Nebraskans.

“People may not know that Nebraska 4-H, part of UNL Extension, leads the nation in per capita enrollment and curricula development,” said UNL Extension Dean Elbert Dickey. “This year there are approximately 144,000 Nebraska youth involved in various 4-H programs. We work with youth in a variety of ways.”

One exhibit focuses on igniting the entrepreneurial spark to develop Nebraska’s next generation of business leaders. From 4-H’s innovative “ESI” (EntrepreneurShip Investigation) curriculum for youth 10-14 through the Paul Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Program, opportunities abound for youth to grow entrepreneurial ideas into reality.

IANR will also offer a number of other exhibits exploring successful college and career choices, youth and adult partnerships for community projects, the unique role of teachers in rural communities, robotics, teaching science through soybeans, how to prepare young children for school, and UNL Extension's work with Nebraska businesses.

A central information booth in the building will help answer questions on a variety of extension and research-related topics, provide copies of helpful NebGuides, and direct those needing further help to extension experts in their local area.

Information will also be provided about the latest opportunities for students at UNL’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis. College representatives are available to answer questions throughout the three-day show.

People interested in Nebraska LEAD (Leadership Education Action Development) program also can visit with a LEAD representative.

UNL Extension’s Mobile Diagnostic Lab, with its state-of-the-art tools and information for early detection of potential threats to plant health and yield, will be just east of the UNL building, and IANR’s Market Journal team will be there too with information and displays.

IANR has been part of Husker Harvest Days since the first show in 1978.

“We hope people stop to see us each year,” Green said. “To see what’s new, and to tell us what they think, and what they see as Nebraska’s main challenges and concerns. As the people’s land-grant university, our focus is always on how we can best be at work for Nebraska.”

- Steve Ress, UNL Water Center