Combined Campaign near goal; turn in pledges before break

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 11.29.46 AM.png

The updated pledge total for the 2012 Combined Campaign is $386,546 -- just shy of the goal of $403,000. Campaign co-chair Darin Erstad issued a final reminder message to get those pledges in, saying "It's not too late to make a Big Impact."

Erstad said: "Thanks to all who have turned in a pledge card and helped toward our Combined Campaign for Health and Human Services goal of $403,000. Our pledges so far total $386,546, leaving just $16,454 to make our goal. In that sense, our campaign is a success as we have more participants in this year's campaign than last.

If you have not yet turned yours in, or pledged on line, I encourage you to do so before our winter break, so that we can conclude our campaign with a 'win' by making the goal.

This university does a great deal for our community; something we can all take pride in as we think about the many needs of many individuals served by the organizations represented in this campaign -- United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County, Community Health Charities of Nebraska and the Community Services Fund.

Thanks for your support."

Darin Erstad
2012 Campaign Co-Chair and Nebraska Baseball Coach