Educational service award nominees sought

Nominations are being accepted until Feb. 3 for UNL’s Distinguished Educational Service Award.

The award recognizes outstanding performance by a faculty member. Nominees must have devoted at least 25 percent of their work to extension, continuing studies or educational service.

Selection will be based on a description of the educational services by the nominee during the past five years and qualitative evidence on the impact of the program, judgment of peers and other evidence.

Applications for the award must be no more than 20 pages. Documents to be included are the nominee’s vita (emphasis on extension and service); letter of transmittal from an administrator; narrative from nominator outlining qualities, methods, impact analysis, evidence of creativity in approaching the nominees job and special activities; exhibits of supporting data including peer recommendations, letters from users or others familiar with the nominees work, evidence of innovation and creativity in program design and/or delivery; program materials; and exhibits concerning specific programs conducted.

The award is at least $1,000 per person.

Applications must be submitted to the chancellor’s office by Feb. 3.