Rates increase for meters, garages

Hourly rates for City Campus parking meters and garages will increase July 1.

The hourly rate for campus parking meters will increase by 25 cents per hour to $1.25.

“Expenses for maintenance and operation continue to grow,” said Carpenter. “This increase, the first since 2012, brings our rates in line with City meters located close to campus and in downtown Lincoln.”

All campus meters can be paid through Passport, a pay-by-cell mobile app that provides remote payment access. Details are available on the website at http://parking.unl.edu/parking-meters#passport-app

Hourly rates to park in City Campus garages will also increase by 25 cents an hour to $1.25. The daily maximum for garage parking increases to $7.00. For details on hours and locations of City Campus garages, check the website at http://parking.unl.edu/visitors-garage-parking

“These fee increases generate revenue from multiple sources and help hold the cost steady for parking permit holders,” said Carpenter.

More details at: http://parking.unl.edu/