Sales of new parking permits set to begin, No cost increases

Sales of campus parking permits for the 2017-2018 fiscal and academic year will begin April 17. All permit options are priced the same as last year.

“We are extremely pleased to keep costs for permits unchanged,” said Dan Carpenter, Director, Parking and Transit Services. “We are looking at increasing other revenue sources to cover our operating and maintenance expenses.”

Permits for students, faculty and staff are available for annual and nine-month coverage.

Online Sales
Online sales begin Monday, April 17. Complete permit options, costs and online purchase are available on the Parking and Transit Services website

In person sales
In person permit sales begin June 1 for faculty and staff, and July 3 for students. Permits will be available at the Parking and Transit Services office, 625 Stadium Drive, Suite A. For in person purchase, complete the application form, print and bring with you. The form is available at

Resident Student Parking Permits
Permits for on campus resident parking should be based on the housing unit selected. Purchase a surface lot parking permit based on housing unit as follows:
• Harper Schramm Smith and Village Complex, R01
• Kauffman, R01 or R02
• Abel Sandoz, R02 or R03
• Courtyards, R02 or R03
• Knoll, University Suites or Eastside Suites, R02 or R03
• Greek houses, R02 or R03

For details, check the map at

Display new permits
New annual permits must be displayed beginning July 1 and nine-month permits must be displayed beginning August 14.

Bus passes
New UNL/StarTran bus passes are also available. Free bus passes will be distributed to students in August, funded by student transit fees. Bus passes for faculty and staff who purchase parking permits are available, on request, at no additional cost. You can also purchase bus passes separately.

For complete parking permit selections, costs and online purchase go to

Update vehicle registration with new license plate
Your current license plate information is provided during permit purchase. If your license plate changes during the coming year, update your registration with the new information. A parking permit registered with the wrong license will be invalid, and you can receive a parking permit.

Reminder: all Nebraska vehicles receive new plates in 2017.

To update your license plate information, access your Online Parking Service Account, enter the new registration information by adding a new vehicle and delete the old listing. Log on at

More details at: