WDN Board Outlines Transition Parameters

This article updated Jan. 4, 2024

The Web Developer Network Shared Governance Board, at its Feb. 16, 2023 meeting, and later revised at its Jan, 4, 2024 meeting, determined a path forward for existing content to be transitioned into the next generation UNL CMS.

In the shift to a no-code/low code environment that prioritizes user experience both for the developer and the end user, the WDN Board urges site owners and developers to reconsider content as it is moved to the new platform based on the latest versions of Drupal.

Accordingly, developers and site owners may begin the process of moving site content at any point after June 13 (we recommend no earlier than the open house help session kick-off date of June 16), and replace the old site with the new one at any point before September 2024, when the old CMS infrastructure will be shut down.

We recognize that some sites are so large that resource availability will not make a full redevelopment of every page possible in the available time, even with a much easier to use authoring environment. Accordingly, the WDN Board unanimously voted to "freeze," as of June 30, 2025, any page that had not been updated using the new no-code/low-code CMS authoring functions.

These archived pages will continue to be available to end users, but any edits after June of 2025 must be made by first moving the content to the new authoring environment (for the simplest pages this is a copy/paste action), then unpublishing the old page as the new one is published.

In January of 2026, the WDN will begin assessing these archived pages. Pages and sites may be removed without notice if they have not received traffic in the past year, if they fail web audits with significant defects, or if no "owner" can be identified.

More details at: https://wdn.unl.edu