Majors Pages Matriculate

Screenshot of three different majors pages side by side
Screenshot of three different majors pages side by side

In September, the new Undergraduate Majors finder launched on the Admissions website, marking the first time the University has offered major information in a tagged and searchable interface that makes it easy for prospective students to compare majors easily.

A collaborative project between Academic Services and Enrollment Management, the Digitial Experience Group in University Communications, and college communicators, this project makes use of a new centralized Content Hub system (based in the Next-Gen CMS), making it easier to maintain a consistent template for content, as well as display that information within both a finder on the Admissions website, as well as individual pages directly embedded on college and department websites.

This project was launched earlier this year, with colleges and departments gathering text and images while design and implementation of the majors pages themselves was split between ASEM and DXG, respectively.

Over the summer, content was edited within ASEM, then entered into the system by DXG, with multiple design and content changes implemented as needed to create pages that met the needs of all different majors, including those with shared colleges.

The pages were then embedded on college and department sites and aggregated on the Admissions website where they can be filtered by area of interest or college.

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