8th-Graders Selected for Husker/Olympic Alumni Festival Salute

Released on 04/22/2004, at 2:00 AM
Office of University Communications
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

WHEN: Friday, May. 14, 2004

WHERE: Bob Devaney Sports Center

Lincoln, Neb., April 22nd, 2004 —

More than 330 eighth-grade student leaders from across the state will attend the sixth annual Breakfast for Champions May 14 in the Bob Devaney Sports Center. Sponsored by the Nebraska Alumni Association, the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben Foundation, the event features Olympians with Nebraska ties and past and present Husker athletes.

Each eighth-grade student leader, nominated by his or her school administrators, will receive a Gold Medal of Achievement and a certificate at the breakfast. The participants for the 2004 Breakfast for Champions, their parents and schools (if different from hometown) are:

Ainsworth: Lane Carr, son of Bill and Gerry Carr.

Alma: Hilke' Brandon, daughter of Gary and Doris Brandon.

Amherst: Christopher Gugel, son of Randy and Sue Gugel.

Arapahoe: Amanda Schutz, daughter of Brad and Gayle Schutz.

Arcadia: Harry Ritz, son of Bryce and Rosmarie Ritz.

Arlington: Caroline Jamison, daughter of Mark and Ann Jamison.

Arnold: Kari Kenner, daughter of Bryan and Jenee' Kenner.

Ashland: Sarah Kwiatkowski, daughter of Brad Kwiatkowski and Laura Kempkes.

Atkinson: Brett Prothman, son of Kenneth and Vicki Prothman (St. Joseph).

Aurora: Connor Jensen, son of Todd and Julie Jensen.

Avoca: Joel Haveman, son of Don and Carrie Haveman (Weeping Water).

Bancroft: Zachery Tietz, son of Duane and Sheryl Tietz (Zion Lutheran).

Bartlett: Phillip Smith, son of David and Marcia Smith (Wheeler Central).

Battle Creek: Alex McCleary, son of Michael and Kathy McCleary; Kate Snow, daughter of Richard and Valorie Snow (St. John Lutheran).

Bayard: Brodee Bewley, daughter of Larry and Tracy Bewley.

Beatrice: Allison Havekost, daughter of Michael and Sandy Havekost.

Beaver Lake: Erika Dukes, daughter of Dave and Deena Dukes (Plattsmouth).

Bellevue: Wayne Banks, son of Wayne and Angela Banks (Bellevue Mission); Simeon Burns, son of Joseph and Catherine Burns (Gardener homeschool group); Dan Casey, son of Tim and Rita Johnson (St. Mary); Steven Hartman, son of Ross and Pamela Hartman (Bryan); Liz McCain, daughter of Jack and Penny McCain (Gardener homeschool group); Eva Petry, daughter of Michael and Laura Petry (Bellevue Mission).

Bennet: Derek Higgins, son of Dennis and Cynthia Higgins (Palmyra).

Bennington: Katie Pettit, daughter of Bart and Tammy Pettit (Elkhorn).

Bloomfield: Justin Cunningham, son of Gail and Suzanne Cunningham.

Boys Town: John Burns, son of Tony and Simone Jones (N.H. Wegner).

Brady: Shannon Morlang, daughter of Roger and Mickey Morlang.

Broken Bow: Kayla Clark, daughter of Mick and Sheila Clark.

Burwell: Kaitlyn DeLashmutt, daughter of Stephen and Misty DeLashmutt; Jill Petersen, daughter of Glen and Judy Petersen (Loup County).

Butte: Ashley Hostert, daughter of Michael and Nicole Hostert.

Callaway: Levi Witthuhn, son of Bradley and Coeleen Witthuhn.

Cambridge: Bo Cribelli, son of Adam and Lori Cribelli.

Carleton: Lauren Stengel, daughter of Rick and Janell Stengel (Deshler Lutheran).

Carroll: Kearney Lackas, son of Greg and Michelle Lackas (Randolph).

Central City: Zachary Benson, son of Patrick and Janelle Benson.

Chappell: Timothy Kinoshita, son of Craig and Sheryl Kinoshita.

Clarks: Jesse Dubas, son of Debra Dubas (High Plains).

Clarkson: Samantha Parolek, daughter of Ron and Janice Parolek.

Clatonia: Camela Hasenohr, daughter of Greg and Connie Hasenohr (Wilber-Clatonia).

Clay Center: Brendell Studnicka, daughter of David and Julie Studnicka.

Clearwater: Mikayla Brune, daughter of Steven and Shelley Brune (Pope John XXIII); Kyle Kerkman, son of Marty and Janette Kerkman.

Cody: Landon Miller, son of Phillip and Patricia Miller (Cody-Kilgore).

Coleridge: Craig Colwell, son of Robert and Betty Colwell.

Columbus: Jeff Gassen, son of Kelly and Nancy Gassen (Immanuel Lutheran); Anne Gates, daughter of Jerome and Judy Gates; Kristen Menchaca, daughter of Ernie and Janet Menchaca (Columbus Christian); Katilin Roh, daughter of John and Angela Roh (Scotus Central Catholic); Sarah Schroeder, daughter of Dennis and Cindy Schroeder; Rachael Urkoski, daughter of Mark and DeLois Urkoski (Shell Creek).

Cortland: Jeremiah Meints, son of Rick and Teresa Meints (Norris).

Cozad: Ryan Levell, son of Mike and Deb Levell.

Crab Orchard: Denae Wolken, daughter of Dale and Deb Wolken (Freeman).

Crawford: Matthew Rotherham, son of Terry and Teresa Rotherham.

Creighton: Katie DeMuth, daughter of Tom and Pat DeMuth.

Crete: Lindsay Waller, daughter of Jim Waller and Gail Mussman.

Crofton: Emily Nohr, daughter of Bill and Julie Nohr.

Culbertson: Jordan Kershaw, son of John and Joyce Kershaw (Hitchcock County).

Curtis: Lainie Sjeklocha, daughter of David and Sheri Sjeklocha (Medicine Valley).

Dannebrog: Michael Swanson, son of John and Sarah Swanson (Nebraska Christian).

Davenport: Seth Williams, son of Brad and Barb Williams (Bruning-Davenport).

David City: Britny Novacek, daughter of Jim and Connie Novacek (Aquinas).

Daykin: Brianne Hofstetter, daughter of Mike and Lorrie Hofstetter (Meridian).

Deshler: Emily Pohlmann, daughter of Wayne and Marty Pohlmann.

DeWitt: Elizabeth Timberlake, daughter of Doug and Jan Stokebrand (Tri County).

Dodge: Mitchell Hagedorn, son of Dean and Donna Hagedorn (St. Wenceslaus).

Dorchester: Garrett Reckling, son of Tim and Jody Reckling.

Dunbar: Rachel Heitkamp, daughter of Tom and Mary Heitkamp (Nebraska City homeschool association).

Dunning: Mary Shinn, daughter of Doug and Ann Marie Shinn (Sandhills).

Edison: Marc Longsine, son of Marc and Susan Longsine (Southern Valley).

Elgin: Jenna Schindler, daughter of Glen and Louise Schindler.

Elk Creek: Tyler Bohling, son of Mark and Lois Bohling (Johnson-Brock).

Elkhorn: Cody Hannafious, son of John and Lonna Hannafious; Michele Kalal, daughter of Joe and Sally Kalal (Elkhorn Ridge).

Elmwood: Sierra Ronhovde, daughter of James and Mary "Grace" Ronhovde (Elmwood-Murdock).

Exeter: Klaire Jorgensen, daughter of Kelvin and Marsha Jorgensen (Exeter-Milligan).

Fairbury: Briana Bedlan, daughter of Larry and Barbara Bedlan.

Falls City: Rachel Bieker, daughter of Kent and Susan Bieker (Sacred Heart); Mitch Liberty, son of Gary and Cathy Liberty.

Farnam: Randy Sheffield, son of Mark and Miquon Sheffield (Eustis-Farnam).

Firth: Alexa Armstrong, daughter of Troy and Jill Armstrong (Norris); Caleb Sueverkruepp, son of Rick and Christy Sueverkruepp (Heartland home school).

Fort Calhoun: Cassie Phillips, daughter of Greg Phillips and Debbie and John Sutherland.

Fremont: Joseph Delp, son of David and Marilyn Spray (Trinity Lutheran); Mary Miles, daughter of Todd and Judy Miles (Archbishop Bergan); Megan Stansberry, daughter of Terry and Janelle Stansberry (Cedar Bluffs).

Friend: McKenzie Fricke, daughter of Dan and Darcee Fricke.

Fullerton: Lisa Pomplun, daughter of Randy and Lorie Pomplun.

Funk: Sarah Epping, daughter of Rodney and Grace Epping.

Geneva: Matthew Miller, son of Max and Sharon Miller (Fillmore Central).

Gering: Megan Kautz, daughter of Chris and Rebecca Kautz; Andrew Wallace, son of Jeff Wallace and Janelle Mathews.

Gibbon: Jordan Reinertson, son of Paul and Carolyn Reinertson.

Glenvil: Molly Hinrichs, daughter of Kurt and Jill Hinrichs (Sandy Creek).

Gordon: Shane Shetler, son of Joseph and Karen Shetler.

Gothenburg: Karina Kelly, daughter of Robert Kelly and Nanette Bates.

Grand Island: Timothy Dvorak, son of Michael and Nancy Dvorak (Central Catholic); Cody Friedrichsen, son of Mary Kay Usrey (Walnut); Tess Hansen, daughter of Larry and Carol Hansen (Grand Island S D A); Ryan Kieselhorst, son of Jaye and Linda Kieselhorst (Westridge); Teagen Nabity, daughter of Don Nabity and Anita Taylor-Nabity (Walnut); Brigette Root, daughter of Bill and Brenda Root (Westridge); Laura Wirth, daughter of Don and Denise Wirth (Central Catholic).

Gurley: Shari Ahlschwede, daughter of Ron and Jane Ahlschwede (Leyton).

Hampton: Dylan Bamesberger, son of Ryan and Tammie Bamesberger.

Harrisburg: Shaun Jones, son of John and Karin Jones (Banner County).

Harrison: Jackie Westover, daughter of Steve and Penny Westover (Sioux County).

Hartington: Bernice Bowers, daughter of Gary and Barbara Bowers.

Harvard: Courtney Stone, daughter of Doug and Shelley Stone.

Hastings: Morgan Dubas, daughter of Bob and Cathy Dubas (St. Cecilia); Jaime Zeppa Kreager, daughter of Tom Kreager and Meg Stewart-Magee; Charles Lainson, son of Peter and Pamela Lainson; Chelsea Lau, daughter of Joel and Stephanie Lau (Adams Central).

Hebron: Logan Chapman, son of Jon and Lisa Chapman (Thayer Central).

Henderson: Lauren Braun, daughter of Gary and Lavonne Braun (Heartland Community).

Holdrege: Breanna Isaacson, daughter of Bob and Rona Isaacson; Michael Winz, son of Steven and Renee Winz (Wilcox-Hildreth).

Holmesville: Ryan Root, son of Fred and Marilyn Root (Beatrice).

Howells: Kyle Brandyberry, son of Neal and Gail Brandyberry.

Humboldt: Kali Schnacker, daughter of Rick and Angela Schnacker (Humboldt/Table Rock-Steinauer).

Humphrey: Bryce Heesacker, son of Steve and Monica Heesacker (Humphrey Saint Francis).

Kearney: Matthew Jensen, son of Jerry and Elisa Jensen (Kearney Catholic); Paloma Mena-Werth, daughter of Jose and Jane Mena-Werth (Horizon); Ashley Morgan, daughter of Wayne and Rosalie Morgan (Sunrise); Warner Phipps, son of Bill and Robin Phipps (Kearney Area Home Educators); Nate Tinkham, son of Mike and Lori Tinkham (Horizon); Justin Whitefoot, son of Brent and Sheryl Whitefoot (Sunrise).

Kimball: Dustin Wilke, son of Byron and Amber Wilke.

Laurel: Eli Schantz, son of Brian and Geri Schantz (Laurel-Concord).

LaVista: Celeste Florea, daughter of Bart and Shirley Florea.

Lawrence: Jeff Hubl, son of Eugene and Eileen Hubl (Blue Hill).

Leigh: Tara Settje, daughter of Mike and Cindy Settje.

Lexington: Corey Reutlinger, son of Roger and Cindy Reutlinger; Alison Seberger, daughter of Alan and Katy Seberger.

Liberty: Sydney Rees, daughter of Wayne and Sherri Rees (Lewiston Consolidated).

Lincoln: Jordan Bell, daughter of Greg and Jennifer Bell (Scott); William Bennett, son of David Bennett and Ann Smith (Lefler); Jake Bowder, son of Keith and Wanda Bowder (North American Martyrs); Christian Brabec, son of Brad and Deb Brabec (Scott); Aaron Evans, son of Randy and Jerilyn Evans (Pound); Brittany Freeman, daughter of Dell and Rhonda Freeman (Culler); Steven Garcia, son of Luis and Martha Gutierrez (North Star); David Hedges, son of Micheal and Charlette Hedges (Goodrich); Jeff Heidinger, son of Jeffrey and Marjorie Heidinger (Irving); Crystal Hobson, daughter of David and Melody Hobson (Lefler); Josh Janovec, son of Steven and Terese Janovec (Lux); Gabriel Jefferson, son of Phillip and Terri Jefferson (Pound); Brittany Justa, daughter of Jim and Becky Justa (North Star); Kelsie Kadavy, daughter of Matthew and Cari Kadavy (Mickle); Angela Kuca, daughter of Don and Melanie Kuca (Lincoln Lutheran); Grant Langdon, son of Barbara Tracy (Dawes); Jordan Loos, son of Cyndee Loos (Park); Jared Marker, son of William and Vicki Marker (St. Mark); Diego Moreno-Hernandez, son of Alex Moreno and Soraya Hernandez (Mickle); Jim Morin, son of Peter and Mary Morin (St. Teresa); Sneha Patel, daughter of Jagruti and Ketan Patel (Dawes); Rachel Roundey, daughter of William and Kay Roundey (Heartland home school); Brandon Schappaugh, son of David and Valerie Schappaugh (Culler); Erika Scholz, daughter of Ben and Alicia Scholz (St. Mary's); Zach Seier, son of Glen Seier (St. John's); Elizabeth Sutton, daughter of Gregory and Margaret Sutton (St. Joseph's); Patrick Tyrance III, son of Patrick Tyrance Jr. and Renita Tyrance (Parkview Christian); Lisa Vance, daughter of Kirk and Sandra Vance (Lux); Alexander Ward, son of Pat and Cathy Ward (Lincoln Christian); Patrick Wilson, son of Jeff and Sue Wilson (Park); Jingyao Yu, daughter of Zuyuan Yu and Liping Xie (Irving).

Litchfield: Brandon Siegel, son of Gary and Annette Siegel.

Lodgepole: Riley Oliverius, son of Emory and Beth Oliverius.

Loomis: Cody Samuelson, son of Orville and Sandi Samuelson.

Madison: Roberto Mora, son of Roberto Mora Sr and Elena Marquez.

Malcolm: Christina Berryman, daughter of Charles and Laurel Berryman; Josiah Fuchser, son of John and Marna Fuchser (Oak Valley).

Malmo: Desirae TePoel, daughter of Chris and Kim TePoel (Prague).

Manley: Christine Stohlmann, daughter of Leonard and Jean Stohlmann (Louisville).

Maxwell: Eamonn Feeney, son of Tim and Pam Feeney.

McCook: Renetta Rawlings, daughter of Howard and Jeanette Rawlings.

McCool Junction: Lindsay Clark, daughter of Ronald and Marcia Clark.

Mead: Jared Larson, son of Russell and Irene Larson.

Milford: Josh Wiley, son of William and Linda Wiley.

Minden: Ben Hinrichsen, son of Gregg and Merry Hinrichsen (Faith Christian).

Morrill: Nicholas Cooley, son of Charles and Tammy Cooley.

Mullen: Shane Young, son of Douglas and Marie Young.

Nebraska City: Madison Farris, son of Larry and Treva Farris; Korey Ralstin, son of Matthew and Rose Ralstin (Nebraska City homeschool).

Neligh: Brandon Timm, son of Darrel and Marlene Timm (Neligh-Oakdale).

Nelson: Ahren Grueber, son of Brian and Sharon Grueber (Lawrence/Nelson).

Newcastle: Lisa Grosvenor, daughter of Robert and June Grosvenor.

Newman Grove: Jessica Boschen, daughter of Larry and Barb Boschen.

Niobrara: Cody Barta, son of Kevin and Cathy Barta (Verdigre); Nancy Bonham, daughter of Ray and Nancy Bonham (Santee Community); Aaron Hanzlik, son of Frank and Debra Hanzlik (Unified Niobrara/Lynch).

Norfolk: Luke Hess, son of Rev. Arin and Anne-Marie Hess (Park Avenue Christian); Nathan Roche, son of Patrick and Teresa Roche (Norfolk Catholic); Gabriel Speas, daughter of Dan and Mary Speas (Dederman).

North Bend: Jacob Kreikemeier, son of Ray and Rosie Kreikemeier (Dodge); Elliot Shanahan, son of Robert and Mary Shanahan.

North Platte: Brittany Bunker, daughter of James and Julie Bunker (Adams); Marguerite Dorr, daughter of Brian and Stephanie Dorr (Hershey); Alyssa Fabik, daughter of Craig and Nancy Fabik (Madison); Jeffrey Lopez, son of Allen Furlong and Kathy Lopez (Adams); Megan Mroczek, daughter of Randy and Julie Mroczek (St. Patrick's); Amber Ochoa, daughter of Donna Jones (Madison).

Oakland: Brooke Lechtenberg, daughter of Kelly and Marcie Leghtenberg (Oakland Craig).

Octavia: Kyle Hilger, son of Ted and Lori Hilger.

Ogallala: Colby Johnson, son of Bob and Cyndi Johnson (South Platte); Lauren Weber, daughter of Scott and Mary Weber.

Omaha: Miranda Aden, daughter of Steven and Tammy Aden (Millard Central); Amy Bechdolt, daughter of Ron and Patricia Bechdolt (Morton); Sally Belling, daughter of Bill and Maureen Belling (St. Cecilia Cathedral); Theresa Berens, daughter of Chris and Peggy Berens (St. James-Seton); Miriam Boehr, daughter of Gareth and Lydia Boehr (Russell); Caitlin Botsios, daughter of Bob and Colleen Botsios (Holy Cross); Alexandria Boyle, daughter of Jim and Mary Boyle (Holy Name); Ross Brenneman, son of David and Paula Brenneman (Trinity Christian); Mitch Chitwood, son of Mark and Linda Chitwood (Kiewit); Ashley Copeland, daughter of Michael and Linda Copeland (McMillan Magnet); Elizabeth Craig, daughter of David and Barb Craig (St. Robert Bellarmine); Carli Culjat, daughter of Paul and Laurie Culjat (Bryan); Joshua Cutaia, son of Bob and Renee Cutaia (Norris); Jessica Daniels, daughter of Wayne and Ana Daniels (Beadle); Justin Edmonds, son of Steven and Jodene Edmonds (All Saints Catholic); Aaron Galley, son of Robert and Ann Galley (Beadle); Mia Gilreath, daughter of Ivan and Rita Gilreath (Morton); Abbie Greene, daughter of Earl and Barbara Greene (Christ the King); Allison Holdsworth, daughter of Dean and Kathy Holdsworth (Westside); Robert Hopkins, son of James and Janice Hopkins (Beveridge Magnet); Tess Houser, daughter of Patricia Houser (Sts. Peter and Paul); Tayler Jackson, daughter of William and Kerrie Jackson (Harry Andersen); Megan Kreigler, daughter of Kristy Miller (Norris); Christina Lee, daughter of Tommie and Melissa Lee (Beveridge Magnet); David Lynch, son of William and Carol Lynch (Westside); Kirsten Miller, daughter of Michael and Gloria Miller (Kiewit); Adrian Monge, daughter of Mark Monge (King Science); Jeff Nelson, son of Wendel and Carli Nelson (Home Educators Network); Kenneth Parkison, son of Kent and Lori Parkison (Bennington); Grace Pavelka, daughter of D Lee and Elise Pavelka (Home Educators Network); Amy Polinko, daughter of Robert and Pat Polinko (St. Paul Lutheran); Erik Radowski, son of David and Julie Radowski (Harry Andersen); Kelley Real, daughter of Jim and Sue Real (St. Vincent De Paul); Cordelle Robinson, son of T.J. and Glenette Robinson (Jesuit of Omaha); Ben Sallenbach, son of Norman and Rose Sallenbach (St. Stanislaus); Ryan Schuetz, son of Jon and Donna Schuetz (Gretna); Cassandra Skiles, daughter of Darin and Karla Skiles (Zion + Peace); Brandon Sklenar, son of Barry and Sharon Sklenar (Russell); Victoria Takechi, daughter of Richard and Chizuko Takechi (Ralston); Joe Teplitsky, son of Frank and Brenda Teplitsky (McMillan Magnet); Vernon Thomas, son of Virgil Thomas and Paula Williams-Thomas (Brownell Talbot); Sarah Wees, daughter of Tim and Sue Wees (St. Thomas More); Daniel Whithorn, son of Danny and Doreen Whithorn (Millard Central); Andrew Zehnder, son of Steve and Jeni Zehnder (Concordia).

Orchard: Andrea Hemenway, daughter of Terry and Trish Hemenway.

Ord: Samantha Blaha, daughter of Mike Blaha and Sue Blaha (St. Mary's); Allison Maresh, daughter of Galen and LeeAnn Maresh.

Osceola: Morgan Walgren, daughter of Scott and Jackie Walgren.

Overton: Nathan Bacon, son of Greg and Carla Bacon.

Palmer: Mary Buhrman, daughter of Carol Buhrman.

Papillion: Jarryd Gowan, son of Troy and Staci Gowan (LaVista); John "J.C." Jurgensen, son of John and Patricia Jurgensen; Elizabeth Thornburg, daughter of Mark and Barb Thornburg.

Pawnee City: Courtney Smith, daughter of Bob and Sherri Smith.

Pierce: Jonathan Canaday, son of David and Cheryl Canaday.

Plainview: Kristen Tassemeyer, daughter of Donn and Barbara Tassemeyer.

Plattsmouth: Mollie Dankof, daughter of Patrick and Sarah Dankof (Conestoga).

Pleasanton: Kevin Ripp, son of Donald and Janece Ripp.

Ralston: Shane Bystrom, son of John and Mary Bystrom (St. Joan of Arc/St. Gerald); Nicholas Miller, son of William and Martha Miller.

Ravenna: Craig Kirschner, son of Larry and Vicki Kirschner (Kearney area home educators).

Red Cloud: Anna Eberly, daughter of Jim and Terri Eberly.

Rockville: Billy Trumler, son of Chris and Jenifer Trumler (Centura).

Rogers: Hannah Skibstead-Maca, daughter of Jim and Lynn Maca (Fishers).

Roseland: Baili Klein, daughter of Randal and Cheryl Klein (Silver Lake).

Rushville: Courtney Milburn, daughter of Leonard and Carolyn Milburn.

Saint Edward: Zach Haas, son of Marv and Yvonne Haas.

Sargent: Megan Gibbens, daughter of Larry and Sarah Gibbens.

Schuyler: Kellie Wachal, daughter of Robert and Ann Wachal (Colfax County).

Scotia: Mercedes Roy, daughter of Donald and Dena Roy (North Loup Scotia).

Scribner: Chelsea Ebel, daughter of Mark and Connie Ebel (Scribner-Snyder); Danielle Mowinkel, daughter of Dan and Pamela Mowinkel (Logan View).

Seward: Anna Meyer, daughter of Courtney and Connie Meyer (St. John Lutheran); Keri Volnek, daughter of Michael and Charlotte Volnek.

Shelby: Alicia Humlicek, daughter of Jerald and Denise Humlicek.

Sidney: Micahla Beyer, daughter of Michael and Melinda Beyer.

Silver Creek: Patric Euse, son of Thad and Marge Euse (Twin River).

South Sioux City: Kaylee Langseth, daughter of Ken Langseth and Kris Wells; David Romo, son of Consuelo Gomez.

Spalding: Jess Asche, daughter of Tom and Sherry Asche; Corey Thome, son of Bill and Maureen Thome (Spalding Academy).

Spencer: Jennifer Doty, daughter of Michael and Anita Doty (Spencer-Naper).

Springfield: Andrea Staskiewicz, daughter of Frank and Karen Staskiewicz (Platteview Central).

Springview: Susan Frick, daughter of Donald Frick.

Stanton: Heather Herscheid, daughter of Jim and Shelly Herscheid.

Stapleton: Jordan Frey, daughter of Mark and Traci Frey.

Stella: Heather Niedfeldt, daughter of Gary and Kay Niedfeldt (Southeast Nebraska Consolidated).

Sterling: McKenzie McAuliffe, daughter of Terry and Tammy McAuliffe.

Stromsburg: Erica Hengelfelt, daughter of Rodney and Kathy Hengelfelt (Cross County-Benedict).

Stuart: Hannah Myers, daughter of Jerry and Susan Myers.

Sumner: Laura Robbins, daughter of Larry and Gloria Robbins (Sumner-Eddyville-Miller).

Superior: Jenny Hershberger, daughter of Ron and Christine Hershberger.

Sutherland: Alexa Hopping, daughter of Troy and Missy Hopping.

Sutton: Marilee Boals, daughter of Randy and Dee Boals.

Syracuse: Eric Post, son of Stan and Linda Post (Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca).

Talmage: Kendra Gerdes, daughter of Michael and Kay Gerdes (Nemaha Valley).

Tecumseh: Nicole Searcey, daughter of Kent and Vera Searcey.

Tekamah: Justine Bucy, daughter of Gary and Joan Bucy (Tekamah-Herman).

Thedford: Preston Peterson, son of Gary and Deanna Peterson.

Tilden: Kelli Oelsligle, daughter of Kenneth and Jeanne Oelsligle (Elkhorn Valley).

Trenton: Ryne Thompson, son of Ron and Colleen Thompson (Lakeside Central).

Unadilla: Carla Emerson, daughter of Gaylin and Annette Emerson.

Utica: Laura Hinze, daughter of Eugene and Betty Hinze (Trinity Lutheran); Brett Maher, son of Brian and Peggy Maher (Centennial).

Valentine: Nate Dodson, son of Dallas and Kandi Dodson.

Valley: Paige Dollison, daughter of Daniel Dollison and Paula Grinvalds; Wyatt Wirges, son of Kent and Kelley Wirges (Omaha Christian Academy).

Valparaiso: Joseph Komenda, son of Larry and Sherry Komenda (Raymond Central); Mary Rezac, daughter of David and Barbara Rezac (East Butler).

Waco: Autumn Dinkelman, daughter of Gale and Sara Dinkelman (St. Paul Lutheran).

Wahoo: Cody Brousek, son of Greg and Patty Brousek (Bishop Neumann); Amber Henkel, daughter of Rod and Cindy Henkel.

Wakefield: Lane Clay, son of Michael and Carla Clay.

Wallace: Kyle Clough, son of Rod and Donna Clough.

Waterloo: Collin Martineau, son of Donald and Susan Martineau (Elkhorn Ridge).

Waverly: Brittany Stall, daughter of Gary Stall and Wendy Nordstrom.

Wayne: Maddie Jager, daughter of Huck and Chris Jager.

Wellfleet: Staci Koester, daughter of Lyle and Deanna Koester (Maywood).

West Point: Emily Prinz, daughter of Joe and Ann Prinz (Guardian Angels).

Western: Michelle Dutton, daughter of Ross Dutton and Tracy Haake.

Wood River: Markeya Dubbs, daughter of Michael and Marilyn Dubbs.

Wymore: Omar Marquez, son of Samuel and Estela Marquez (Southern).

York: Thireena Connely, daughter of Michael and Eiko Connely (Dale Larsen Christian Academy); Sarah Hotovy, daughter of Patrick and Cheryl Hotovy.

Yutan: Whitney Nelson, son of Mark and Suzanne Nelson.

CONTACT: Lisa Trimble, Alumni Association (402) 472-4220