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Researchers build, morph chemical patterns on stretchable surfaces
With just a slight stretch of the imagination -- and some elastic material -- UNL researchers have shown how to fabricate microscopic chemical patterns whose adaptability could extend from the physical to the functional. In a new study, the authors …
Slight rise in Nebraska's leading economic indicator suggests continued growth
A July increase in Nebraska's leading economic indicator suggests consistent economic growth for Nebraska through the end of 2015 and into 2016. The modest increase of 0.17 percent is the fifth increase in the last six months. "The July increase re…
Study: Two major U.S. aquifers contaminated by natural uranium
Nearly 2 million people throughout the Great Plains and California live above aquifer sites contaminated with natural uranium that is mobilized by human-contributed nitrate, according to a study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Data from rou…
Newspaper coverage of missile project featured in Great Plains Quarterly
Extensive media coverage of the nuclear deal with Iran has influenced the national conversation on the potential for nuclear war. Recent tensions between Russia and the United States have led some to refer to the presence of a new Cold War. The impac…
Study: Driver's ed significantly reduces teen crashes, tickets
A new study that followed more than 150,000 teen drivers over eight years has found that driver's education significantly reduces crashes and traffic violations among new drivers. Young drivers who have not completed driver's education are 75 percen…
Ag engineers to showcase tractors at Sunday with a Scientist event
The University of Nebraska State Museum’s August Sunday with a Scientist program for children and families will showcase quarter-scale tractors and the science behind them. The program will take place from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Aug. 16 at Morrill Ha…
July survey: Nebraska businesses remain optimistic, particularly in Omaha
Nebraska businesses remain optimistic in their outlook for both sales and employment over the next six months, according to a monthly survey conducted by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. One in three business…
Program earns NIH grant to study molecular drivers of disease
Whether metastasizing as cancer, progressing as Alzheimer’s or spreading as HIV, nearly all human disease ultimately originates from a staggering parade of molecular interactions occurring throughout the body. With the support of a new five-year, …
NuTek Food Science to locate R & D at Nebraska Innovation Campus
NuTek Food Science, a company that helps create great-tasting and affordable food to enhance global health, will locate its research and development office at Nebraska Innovation Campus later this year, Dan Duncan, NIC’s executive director, announc…
UNL report: Nebraska should see economic growth through 2015
Nebraska’s Leading Economic Indicator continued to climb in June, suggesting that the state will experience strong economic growth through the end of 2015. The indicator, a composite of six factors that reflect economic growth produced by the Un…
Study is first to measure global population/energy relationship
If you’ve lived between the year 1560 and the present day, more power to you. Literally. That’s one of several conclusions reached by University of Nebraska-Lincoln ecologist John DeLong, who has co-authored the first study to quantify the relat…
Study: Property of non-stick pans improves solar cell efficiency
The same quality that buffers a raincoat against downpours or a pan against sticky foods can also boost the performance of solar cells, according to a new study from UNL engineers. Published July 20 in the journal Nature Communications, the study sh…
UNL sociologist evaluating prevention program for Ojibwe kids
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist will evaluate the effectiveness of a popular substance abuse prevention program for Ojibwe children and their families with a nearly $3.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health's National Ins…
Rural Nebraskans express optimism in annual poll
Rural Nebraskans are as optimistic about their current situation and the future as they've been in the past 20 years, according to the 2015 Nebraska Rural Poll. The 20th annual University of Nebraska-Lincoln poll was sent to 6,228 households in 86 N…
June survey: Nebraska businesses optimistic about sales, employment
Nebraska businesses remain optimistic in their outlook for both sales and employment over the next six months, according to a monthly survey conducted by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. More than one in three b…


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