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Study details laser pulse effects on behavior of electrons
By solving a six-dimensional equation that had previously stymied researchers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicists have pinpointed the characteristics of a laser pulse that yields electron behavior they can predict and essent…
Women's underrepresentation in office studied in Great Plains Research
In the past 20 years, the proportion of women in the U.S. Congress has risen 7.7 percent and representation at the local office level is only slightly higher. It is this wide disparity that Gary Aguiar and M…
Researchers engineer improvements of technology used in digital memory
The improvements in random access memory that have driven many advances of the digital age owe much to the innovative application of physics and chemistry at the atomic scale. Accordingly, a team led by Univ…
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator dips for 2nd month in a row
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator fell slightly in October, marking its second consecutive monthly decline. A sharp increase in the value of the U.S. dollar was the primary cause of the 0.10 percent decl…
Study: Environmental regulation may have helped small hog farms endure
Hog farms have become fewer and larger in recent decades, even as federal and state environmental regulations governing them have become stricter. In a new study, University of Nebraska-Lincoln agricultural …
Study examines prison volunteers' characteristics, outlooks
As prison populations and costs swell, volunteers are becoming increasingly important for providing programming and rehabilitation to inmates. But little uniformity exists in how prisons recruit, train and maintain relationships wi…
UNL algorithm ranked world's best at transforming digital images to 3-D
Electrical engineers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have written the world's top-ranked algorithm for a 3-D imaging process poised to enhance robotic surgery, navigate driverless cars and assist rescue missions. …
October survey: Nebraska businesses turn optimistic again
After an uncertain September, Nebraska businesses regained their optimistic outlook in October, according to the latest survey by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Respon…
Study highlights motherhood complexities for gay, bisexual women
In the popular narrative, motherhood among lesbians or bisexual women is usually viewed in one of two ways: non-existent, or seeking evidence of a lesbian baby boom. However, a new University of Nebraska-Lin…
UNL team works to create better energy transfer in space
A team of University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineers has earned nearly $1 million to research the fashioning of metallic surfaces to help spacecraft operate more efficiently. The university's Center for Electr…
'Groundwater Atlas of Lancaster County, Nebraska' available
After two years of research, writing and editing, the first edition of "The Groundwater Atlas of Lancaster County, Nebraska" is complete and available to the public. "The atlas is based almost entirely on a …
UNL, Johns Hopkins researchers identify DNA of algae virus in humans
The DNA of a virus once thought confined to the cells of algae may in fact invade the biological kingdom of mice and men, according to a new study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the University of Nebr…
Study: Perceptions of politicos affect attention, gaze direction
Political stances defined as "left" or "right" have no physical spatial connection. The use of the terms in political discourse can be traced back to 18th-century France, when supporters of the revolution sat to the left in the Nat…
UNL team studies 'regime shifts' in ecosystems
The prehistory of major ecological shifts spanning multiple millennia can be read in the fine print of microscopic algae, according to a new study led by researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Th…
UNL researcher wins federal grant for groundbreaking solar energy project
The gap between solar energy's promise and fruition once seemed equal to the distance separating its source from the Earth. That gap has narrowed significantly in recent years and work continues to close it further. …


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