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Report shows rise in groundwater levels after multiple years of decline
The 2015 Nebraska Statewide Groundwater-Level Monitoring Report reveals that much of the state is beginning to recover from the 2012-13 drought. From spring 2014 to spring 2015, water levels began to rise after significant declines resulting from an…
January surveys: Businesses optimistic, but consumer confidence is down
Nebraska consumer confidence declined in January while business expectations rose, according to surveys conducted by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The survey results announced Friday marked the first release …
Study finds ratio between speed of evolution, population change
Does evolution really trundle along like Darwin's famous Galapagos tortoise? And do the populations undergoing this evolution really grow and decline with the speed of a hare? A new study led by UNL biologists has provided the first quantitative ans…
UNL report: Nebraska must be proactive in climate action plan
Nebraska needs to be proactive in developing a climate action plan in response to current and projected changes in climate, a new University of Nebraska-Lincoln report suggests. The report shares the findings from eight roundtable discussions on the…
Team creates elastic materials that gleam when stretched
Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have shown that instantly transforming a dull surface to a mirror-like sheen is hardly a stretch. In fact, that's all it takes. UNL chemist Stephen Morin and his colleagues have developed a method fo…
UNL researchers identify target of disease-causing plant pathogens
A new study from a University of Nebraska-Lincoln research team led by plant pathologist Jim Alfano found that a bacterial plant pathogen suppresses a plant's immune system through the action of a protein called HopE1. While most bacteria are harmle…
De-icing concrete could improve roadway safety, guard against corporate espionage
A 200-square-foot slab of seemingly ordinary concrete sits just outside the Peter Kiewit Institute as snowflakes begin parachuting toward Omaha on a frigid afternoon in late December. The snow accumulates on the grass surrounding the slab and initia…
UNL to lead network studying early education policy, practices
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has earned $6.5 million to shape Nebraska early childhood practices and policies, while leading a national network committed to improving children's outcomes. The project is part of the multi-institutional Early Le…
Study: Digital distraction in class is on the rise
College students spend more class time than ever playing with their smartphones and other digital devices, according to a new University of Nebraska-Lincoln study. Students check their phones and other digital devices in class more than 11 times a d…
Nebraska's leading indicator declines during December
Growth in the Nebraska economy will be solid rather than strong during the first half of 2016, according to the latest leading economic indicator report from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The indicator, a composite of six economic factors that…
December business survey shows mixed outlook in Nebraska
Nebraska businesses remain optimistic about employment over the next six months, but they have mixed expectations for sales, according to the latest monthly survey conducted by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. "…
IANR establishes Nebraska State Climate Office
The Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has established the Nebraska State Climate Office within the UNL School of Natural Resources. The office will serve as the primary source of climate information …
Experiments show novel X-ray method could detect nuclear materials
Physicists at the Diocles Extreme Light Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have demonstrated that their unconventional laser-based X-ray machine could provide a new defense against nuclear terrorism. In proof-of-principle experiments, …
Nebraska's leading indicator rises for a second straight month
After weak growth during the first quarter of the new year, Nebraska's economy should gain more speed during the second quarter, according to the latest leading economic indicator report from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The indicator, a comp…
UNL study: Modest levels of nanoparticle may harm brain cells
Even moderate concentrations of a nanoparticle used to whiten certain foods, milk and toothpaste could potentially compromise the brain's most numerous cells, according to a new study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The researchers examined…


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