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UNL study: Do birds of a feather talk together? That depends
Birds of a feather flock together: It's an old saying that is true in many ways. But as the U.S. population becomes more diverse, those we count as our closest friends and confidants are changing as well, a new study shows. …
UNL scientist helps identify 4 new tuco-tuco species found in Bolivia
A research team led by Scott Gardner of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has identified four new species of Ctenomys, a genus of gopher-like mammal found throughout much of South America. Commonly called t…
Nebraska economy gaining momentum in second half of 2014
For the fifth straight month, Nebraska's leading economic indicator rose in June, providing reliable evidence for solid growth in the state economy for the remainder of 2014. "It suggests that the Nebraska e…
Key factor found for creating induced pluripotent stem cells
Induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPSCs, are among the most promising developments in medical science in recent years. They are obtained from mature cells that have essentially been "reprogrammed" to behave as stem cells that can …
Forecasters: Nebraska economy to remain solid, though growth will slow
LincolAfter a couple of red-hot years in the farm sector and in home construction, Nebraska's economy will slow enough for the rest of the nation to catch up, state forecasters say. In its latest forecast, t…
UNL leads $11.5 million particle detector project for LHC
The world's largest atom smasher has proved invaluable at answering fundamental questions about the nature of the universe, including finding the Higgs boson, but much remains unknown. A team of University of…
June business survey: Positive expectations continue for 5th straight month
Nebraska businesses reported a positive outlook for sales and employment for the next six months, according to a June survey conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research. It …
UNL facility produces compound for cream that may block HIV transmission
Scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering's Biological Process Development Facility have successfully produced a drug compound with potential to block HIV transmission in women. …
Homestead digitization project finishes important Nebraska records
The Nebraska Homestead Final Certificate Case Files are now digitized and available to the public after a decade of planning, preparing and executing an initiative to bring these records to the public. The r…
State's Leading Economic Indicator increases for 4th consecutive month
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator increased for the fourth consecutive month in May, an encouraging sign for the state's economy through the end of the year. "The outlook has been very consistent in rece…
Nebraska businesses expect stability and sales growth in coming months
Continuing the trend of the previous three months, most Nebraska businesses report a positive outlook for the next six months, according to the latest survey conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Rese…
Study tracks changes in social status, affiliation in religion
Younger generations are closing the social class gap between evangelical Protestants and mainline denominations, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist of religion has found. And in what appears to be …
UNL team awarded $1.9M to develop new approach to HIV vaccine
Using a genetically modified form of the HIV virus, a team of University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists has developed a promising new approach that could someday lead to a more effective HIV vaccine. The tea…
Researchers find key pieces to corn yield puzzle
What happens to corn kernels during the first few days after pollination affects their health and yields as they grow, but little is known about this initial development stage. University of Nebraska-Lincoln plant scientist Brian Larkins and a multi-…
Gathering at UNL will examine Middle East water security
The future of peace in the Middle East and the world depends on access to water and water management. While water security is a complex issue, there are numerous examples of teamwork and work toward fair solutions. A May 28-29 gathering at the Unive…


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