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Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator points to a slowing economy
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator fell in November by 1.33 percent, auguring slower economic growth for the state in the spring. "The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska is designed to predict econom…
Long-term cliff swallow study uncovers effects of climate change
A 30-year study of cliff swallows, a long-distance migrant bird species, has revealed that global climate change is altering their breeding habits. "When we began the project in 1982, we didn't intend to com…
UNL engineers identify, address cause of persistent solar cell issue
University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineers have doubled the efficiency of a prominent solar cell technology by unraveling the origins of a phenomenon known to hinder cell performance, stability and evaluation. The researchers investigated a persistent…
UNL to lead consortium focused on studying severe weather with drones
Seeking to remain at the leading edge of severe storm research using drones, scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Colorado Boulder have formed a consortium among their research collaborators. The Unmanned Aircraft S…
November survey: Nebraska business optimism persists
Nebraska businesses maintained an optimistic outlook in November according to the latest survey by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration. Re…
Biologist gains insights into genetic evolution of birds
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher has contributed to discoveries about bird evolution as part of a new study that sequenced the complete genomes of 45 avian species. Published Dec. 11 in the journa…
History of race, regional prejudices highlighted in Great Plains Quarterly
The fall issue of Great Plains Quarterly features Linda English's article about how racism in Indian Territory was often fluid and perplexing. In "Southern Reflections: Evolving Attitudes on Race and Region …
Bringing soil-moisture monitoring technology from cornfield to battlefield
A cosmic-ray neutron rover may sound like something from a science-fiction film, but a University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher is developing the high-tech tool to help the military better understand the harsh environments in whic…
Researchers' study of mitochondria could assist ALS treatment
For more than a half-century, students across the United States have come to know mitochondria as the "powerhouse" of cells -- a label rooted in their ability to generate energy. Yet just as any worthwhile f…
Scientists find 240 million-year-old parasite that infected mammals' ancestor
An egg much smaller than a common grain of sand and found in a tiny piece of fossilized dung has helped scientists identify a pinworm that lived 240 million years ago. It is believed to be the most ancient p…
Study details laser pulse effects on behavior of electrons
By solving a six-dimensional equation that had previously stymied researchers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicists have pinpointed the characteristics of a laser pulse that yields electron behavior they can predict and essent…
Women's underrepresentation in office studied in Great Plains Research
In the past 20 years, the proportion of women in the U.S. Congress has risen 7.7 percent and representation at the local office level is only slightly higher. It is this wide disparity that Gary Aguiar and M…
Researchers engineer improvements of technology used in digital memory
The improvements in random access memory that have driven many advances of the digital age owe much to the innovative application of physics and chemistry at the atomic scale. Accordingly, a team led by Univ…
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator dips for 2nd month in a row
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator fell slightly in October, marking its second consecutive monthly decline. A sharp increase in the value of the U.S. dollar was the primary cause of the 0.10 percent decl…
Study: Environmental regulation may have helped small hog farms endure
Hog farms have become fewer and larger in recent decades, even as federal and state environmental regulations governing them have become stricter. In a new study, University of Nebraska-Lincoln agricultural …


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