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Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator drops for 1st time in 6 months
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska fell by 0.75 percent in July, its first drop in six months. "Results suggest that the rate of economic growth in Nebraska may slow in early 2015 after strong growt…
UNL sociologist studies HIV spread in rural Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has one of the highest HIV rates in the United States, primarily from drug users sharing needles. To help prevent HIV infections, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist is using his expertise in studying how peopl…
Religious causes of Sand Creek Massacre featured in Great Plains Quarterly
Historian Christopher Rein examines religious violence and "Manifest Destiny" as causal factors of the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre in the summer issue of Great Plains Quarterly. Rein, associate professor of his…
Study: Higher education doesn't drive people from religion
For decades, higher education has often been cast as the villain in the story of U.S. religious decline. Past research supported these claims. But a new study by University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist Ph…
The best in the U.S. for entrepreneurship: Where does your state rank?
Fueled by its ongoing energy boom, North Dakota remains at the top of an annual list measuring states' ability to create new businesses. Created by economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the State…
Nebraska, Iowa rank highly in new State Entrepreneurship Index
Nebraska ranked 18th and Iowa 11th in the 2013 State Entrepreneurship Index, a state-by-state measure of entrepreneurial strength produced by economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Both states dro…
Discovery could point to advancements in key electrochemical applications
An international team of scientists, including University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicists J. D. Burton and Evgeny Tsymbal, has discovered what they called an intriguing and entirely unexpected phenomenon at the surface of a transiti…
July survey: Nebraska businesses continue to be optimistic about economy
For the sixth straight month, Nebraska businesses reported a positive outlook for the state economy, according to the July Survey of Nebraska Businesses conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research.…
Scientists find growing consensus: Political attitudes derive from body and mind
Do people make a rational choice to be liberal or conservative? Do their mothers raise them that way? Is it a matter of genetics? Two political scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a collea…
UNL team builds deep-water robot for Antarctic exploration
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln team's mission to build a new robot to advance research into the ecosystem under Antarctic ice may also eventually help NASA study one of Jupiter's moons. The robot, known as…
UNL study: Do birds of a feather talk together? That depends
Birds of a feather flock together: It's an old saying that is true in many ways. But as the U.S. population becomes more diverse, those we count as our closest friends and confidants are changing as well, a new study shows. …
UNL scientist helps identify 4 new tuco-tuco species found in Bolivia
A research team led by Scott Gardner of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has identified four new species of Ctenomys, a genus of gopher-like mammal found throughout much of South America. Commonly called t…
Nebraska economy gaining momentum in second half of 2014
For the fifth straight month, Nebraska's leading economic indicator rose in June, providing reliable evidence for solid growth in the state economy for the remainder of 2014. "It suggests that the Nebraska e…
Key factor found for creating induced pluripotent stem cells
Induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPSCs, are among the most promising developments in medical science in recent years. They are obtained from mature cells that have essentially been "reprogrammed" to behave as stem cells that can …
Forecasters: Nebraska economy to remain solid, though growth will slow
LincolAfter a couple of red-hot years in the farm sector and in home construction, Nebraska's economy will slow enough for the rest of the nation to catch up, state forecasters say. In its latest forecast, t…


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