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Economic forecasters: Nebraska to see steady growth in an uncertain world
Though the national economy likely will fluctuate, most Nebraskans can expect modest but steady economic growth during the next three years, economic forecasters say. In the latest long-term forecast release…
Study: Small doses of resistant starch make big difference
Consuming even modest amounts of resistant starch can lend a significant punch to the gut microbes that benefit human health, according to a new study by University of Nebraska-Lincoln food scientists. As a …
UNL drillers help make new discoveries in Antarctica
Using a hot-water drill and an underwater robotic vehicle designed, built and operated by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineering team, scientists have made new discoveries about Antarctica's geology and biology. …
UNL doctoral student first to quantify color change in spiders
A wasp descends onto the yellow petals of a black-eyed Susan, unaware that a camouflaged crab spider – once as white as a wedding dress, now the color of a school bus – lies in wait. Nectar-filled flowers serve as lethal hunting grounds for thes…
UNL team lands grant to study school environments
Most U.S. children spend the biggest portions of their days at home or in school. While much is known about the impact of home environments on childhood development, little data exists about how the country’s school buildings affect the academic d…
Nebraska sees strong business expectations, rising economic indicator
Nebraska’s economy should accelerate in mid-2015, according to the latest Leading Economic Indicator report from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Nebraska’s Leading Economic Indicator, designed to predict economic growth six months into the…
Zebra mussels in South Dakota raise concerns for Nebraska water bodies
In November, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks staff discovered a single zebra mussel attached to a boat dock at the Midway boat ramp on Lewis and Clark Lake near Yankton, S.D. This finding came on the heels of the discovery of…
Study documents scale of error-based brain activity
Everyone makes mistakes -- so a University of Nebraska-Lincoln psychologist set out to determine how the human brain responds to the errors of its ways. "The reason to focus on errors is that they're a reall…
Skeleton study sheds new light on how snakes evolved
Snakes may not have shoulders, but their bodies aren't as simple as commonly thought, according to a new study that could change how scientists think snakes evolved. Paleobiologists Jason Head of the Univers…
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator points to a slowing economy
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator fell in November by 1.33 percent, auguring slower economic growth for the state in the spring. "The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska is designed to predict econom…
Long-term cliff swallow study uncovers effects of climate change
A 30-year study of cliff swallows, a long-distance migrant bird species, has revealed that global climate change is altering their breeding habits. "When we began the project in 1982, we didn't intend to com…
UNL engineers identify, address cause of persistent solar cell issue
University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineers have doubled the efficiency of a prominent solar cell technology by unraveling the origins of a phenomenon known to hinder cell performance, stability and evaluation. The researchers investigated a persistent…
UNL to lead consortium focused on studying severe weather with drones
Seeking to remain at the leading edge of severe storm research using drones, scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Colorado Boulder have formed a consortium among their research collaborators. The Unmanned Aircraft S…
November survey: Nebraska business optimism persists
Nebraska businesses maintained an optimistic outlook in November according to the latest survey by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration. Re…
Biologist gains insights into genetic evolution of birds
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher has contributed to discoveries about bird evolution as part of a new study that sequenced the complete genomes of 45 avian species. Published Dec. 11 in the journa…


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