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February survey: Optimism for job growth maintained in 2015
Continuing a trend that began in January, Nebraska businesses are more optimistic about employment during the next six months than they are about sales. Most respondents to the February Survey of Nebraska Business, conducted by the Bureau of Busines…
Nebraska farm real estate values slip 3 percent in last year
After five years of increases in Nebraska farmland values, the state average dropped 3 percent, according to preliminary findings released today by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The state average farmland value as of Feb. 1 was $3,21…
Team customizes nanoparticles to better transport therapeutic drugs
A UNL team has unveiled an extremely compact yet fully loaded vehicle that can brave conditions and navigate terrain its predecessors could not. It features a protein frame with a citric acid finish. It's the size of a typical bug -- viral, not Volk…
Study: Income affects legal info available to same-sex families
Laws governing same-sex marriage and parenting are anything but consistent across the United States. Simply crossing state lines can mean a family loses their rights. Adding to the confusion and uncertainty is a legal landscape in the midst of a revo…
Nebraska-Kansas consortium studies how light interacts with matter
Observing what happens in 1-trillionth of a second -- the opening moves in photosynthesis, for example -- requires precision and extremely fast devices. University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicists are expanding their experimental and theoretical arsena…
UNL study characterizes genetic resistance to wheat disease
A new study co-authored by University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers has unearthed the genetic roots of resistance to a wheat disease that has recently devastated crop yields from southern Africa through the Middle East. Though reports…
Hitler's impact on Great Plains examined in new Great Plains Quarterly
Even though Hitler never managed to bomb America, his war with the United States and the world made a lasting and surprising impact on Nebraska wildlife, according to an essay in the winter issue of Great Plains Quarterly. Larkin Powell, pr…
Researchers show environment can neutralize lethal proteins
Botching a few folds might transform an origami cow into a deer or sheep. When cellular proteins do the same, they can trigger fatal neurodegenerative diseases that turn the brains of these mammals into dysfunctional sponges. Yet a new study suggest…
Leading Economic Indicator: Nebraska economy to accelerate
Business optimism, a strengthening labor market and a slight uptick in construction combined for a positive outlook for Nebraska's economy in the middle of 2015, according to the latest Leading Economic Indicator report from the University of Nebrask…
Study: Sibling bullying experiences affect perceptions of peer bullying
Sibling rivalry and aggression are part of growing up. It's fodder for sitcoms and family films, because anyone who has siblings most likely survived an occasional noogie or verbal lashing. It's so commonplac…
Study: Climate change leads to rapid emergence of infectious diseases
The appearance of infectious diseases in new places and new hosts, such as West Nile virus and Ebola, is a predictable result of climate change, says a zoologist affiliated with the Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology at the University of Neb…
Study: Thinnest known material shields nanotechnology from heat
If it can't stand the heat, get out the graphene. University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemists and electrical engineers have published a new study showing that coats of graphene -- a honeycombed sheet of carbon only one atom thick -- can protect d…
UNL prof's 3-D model could help manage U.S. bridge maintenance crisis
Nearly one out of every nine bridges in the United States is deemed structurally deficient and potentially dangerous, according to the Federal Highway Administration. It would cost an estimated $70 billion to catch up with the nation's backlog of nea…
UNL professor uses 3-D tech to further study of Greek architecture
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Philip Sapirstein is using modern technologies to advance research into ancient Greek architecture. As part of UNL's Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, the assistant professor …
January business survey: Still optimistic about jobs
Nebraska businesses continue to be optimistic about their prospects for hiring more people during the next six months, according to the latest survey by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. …


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