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UNL researcher adds expertise to crowdsourced California condor project
University of Nebraska-Lincoln ecologist Daizaburo Shizuka is lending his know-how to a crowdsourced research project to learn more about California condors -- and, hopefully, to protect the embattled birds' population. …
UNL program builds strong parent school partnerships
An innovative program to help teachers solve classroom behavior problems also helps parents reduce temper tantrums and disobedience at home, a new study shows. The experimental program -- Conjoint Behavior C…
From NUtech Ventures: Startup grown from UNL research wins NSF grant
Ground Fluor Pharmaceuticals Inc., a startup company that grew from technology developed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has won a $726,000 National Science Foundation grant to expand its research and product development. …
March survey: Nebraska businesses remain positive
Nebraska businesses continue to have a positive outlook for the state’s economy in coming months, according to the latest survey from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Bureau of Business Research. Thr…
Students leverage Nebraska Lit Lab to gain digital insights on Cather
How closely does the narration of Willa Cather's novels match the personal voice in her private letters? Which unsigned and pseudonymous newspaper and magazine articles did Cather pen during her journalism career? And did Cather's …
UNL leads partnership to cultivate Nebraska manufacturing
A new partnership involving College of Engineering and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as well as Central Community College in Grand Island will help small- and medium-sized…
Wisnicki lights up the legend of Dr. Livingstone
Using special lights, computer imaging and careful analysis, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln scholar and a team of scientists undid more than a century's worth of damage and gave new life to a famous diary long thought lost to the…
Study: Big government (or good neighbors) can improve your health
The nation's left-leaning citizens might be pleased by the findings of a new University of Nebraska study that finds those who live in liberal states tend to be healthier. But conservatives could also take s…
February signs point to steady growth for Nebraska economy
Nebraska's economy should see moderate growth through the summer before heating up later in the year, according to the latest Leading Economic Indicator report for the state. Business expectations improved a…
UNL computer scientists aim to improve software tools
Whether they know it or not, millions of software users are also programmers, writing spreadsheet formulas, creating websites or developing scientific models, for example. Errors are common and can be legendary, costing professiona…
February survey: Nebraska business outlook improves
Nebraska businesses have a positive outlook for the economy in coming months, according to a February survey by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research. Nearly three out of 10 respondents…
Thomas' research to uncover, digitize African American family trees
In the early 19thcentury, a Maryland slave petitioned the U.S. Circuit Court in Washington, D.C., for her and her daughter's freedom based on her purported lineage from a free woman. Francis Scott Key was her lawyer, and appeared b…
New material could help with carbon storage
New research led by University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemist Xiao Cheng Zeng has led to the discovery of a new material that could have significant implications for a variety of challenges, from carbon dioxide storage to planetary science and solid lub…
UNL partners in major manufacturing consortium
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a partner in a $320 million advanced manufacturing collaboration that President Barack Obama announced Tuesday at the White House. Through the new Digital Lab for Manufa…
Team develops chemical solution for graphene challenges
There's no question that graphene is a really cool material. It's the thinnest substance ever made, a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal honeycomb pattern. Although it's as stiff as diamond and hundreds of times stronger th…


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