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UNL chemists: New 2-D material's properties show promise
One completed a series of theoretical calculations to predict its properties with the help of a massive computing center. The other grew it in bulk before waxing its atom-thin whiskers with the assistance of adhesive tape. Together, University of Ne…
Nebraska economic indicator nudges higher
An increase in Nebraska's leading economic indicator continues to suggest a strong Nebraska economy during the second half of 2015. The indicator has risen five of the last six months. Strong business expectations and a decline in the value of the …
UNL research: Devoted parents key to developing world-class talent
It takes 10,000 hours of dedicated practice for a person to become a world-class talent in a given field, or so said writer Malcolm Gladwell in a 2008 book. It also helps to have intensely dedicated parents, according to a new study by University of…
UNL's Hatch joins program to assist Latino males
Lincoln, Neb., June 17, 2015 -- Deryl Hatch, an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Administration in UNL's College of Education and Human Sciences, has been invited to join a new faculty affiliate program at the University of Texas …
UNL education professor earns national public policy award
Research has many purposes, but one of its highest callings is to influence public policy. For the impact his anthropological research has had on public education policy in Mexico, University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Ted Hamann has been honored…
UNL engineers study how Pilger tornado destroyed buildings
Using a high-tech laser scanner and a drone, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln civil engineering professor and his graduate students analyzed the wreckage after a tornado ripped through the town of Pilger, Neb., nearly a year ago. The tornado killed …
UNL engineers use 'shock tube' to find greater impacts of blast waves on brains
By accounting for a rush of blood to the head, University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineers have found that blast waves from concussive explosions may put far greater strain on the brain than previously thought. The researchers have authored a study exa…
UNL chemist wins NSF award for nanoribbon work
Graphene has garnered much attention for its potential to improve electronics, solar cells and other devices. A University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemist is using his breakthrough graphene production technique to put the promising nanomaterial to the te…
May survey: Nebraska businesses particularly optimistic about jobs
Nebraska businesses continue to have a very optimistic outlook for sales and employment over the next six months, according to a monthly survey conducted by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Although overall re…
UNL team receives grant funding to improve low-moisture food safety
A team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has received a portion of a $5 million USDA food safety grant to enhance low-moisture food safety by improving development and implementation of pasteurization technologies. UNL will receive $943,617 ove…
NSF grant to support new paradigm for ether creation
University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemist Patrick Dussault has earned a three-year National Science Foundation grant to explore new methods for synthesizing the class of chemical compounds known as ethers. The compounds, which feature an oxygen atom si…
Sheldon announces 24th season of Jazz in June
The Sheldon Art Association, in collaboration with the Lied Center for Performing Arts and the Glenn Korff School of Music, will bring New Orleans jazz to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the 24th season of Jazz in June. The 2015 concert serie…
Leading indicator: Improving outlook for Nebraska businesses
A sharp increase in Nebraska's leading economic indicator suggests that the state's economy will grow strongly during the second half of 2015. After a solid first quarter, the indicator leapt by 1.99 percent in April. It is the biggest increase of t…
UNL researcher: Questions still outnumber answers on bullying
A leading researcher says remedies for school bullying remain elusive, although four decades of study have yielded many more clues to its devastation. "Our interventions, which have mainly focused on punishment, school suspensions and expulsions, ha…
Sunday with a Scientist event to focus on soils
The University of Nebraska State Museum's May Sunday with a Scientist program for children and families will celebrate the "International Year of Soils." The program will take place from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. May 17 at Morrill Hall, south of 14th and Vin…


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