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NSF award boosts UNL engineer's smart power grid research
As solar panels and wind turbines proliferate, integrating these new energy sources into the nation's power grid brings increasing challenges. A UNL engineer's research is helping to create a new smart grid to enable a future of renewable energy. Li…
SciPop talks to focus on cosmetics, parasites
Cosmetic science and parasite biodiversity will be the topics of SciPop Talks! events Feb. 24 and 25 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Rebecca Lai, an associate professor of chemistry at UNL, will deliver "Cosmetic Science: The Beauty of Chemis…
Studies: Ice melt from carbon dioxide increase could raise sea level 100 feet
Levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide expected during the 21st century would equal those from a geologic era that saw contraction of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and a substantial rise in sea level, according to a new study co-authored by the University of…
Indicator: Nebraska economy to grow slowly this summer
The Nebraska economy should grow modestly during summer 2016, according to the latest leading economic indicator report from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The indicator, a composite of economic factors that predict growth six months into the f…
UNL researcher finds gold -- and other metals
Instead of a pan and a pick ax, prospectors of the future might seek gold with a hand-held biosensor that uses a component of DNA to detect traces of the element in water. The gold sensor is the latest in a series of metal-detecting biosensors under…
NSF award aids Stains' research on STEM teaching in college
For decades, researchers have investigated how college students best learn science, but how faculty teach those students gets less attention. A University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher is helping faculty become better instructors with the goal of im…
Study: On gay issues, Nebraska far less 'Red' than label suggests
When it comes to electoral geography, Nebraska is a reliable "Red State." The term can conjure up a wholly conservative electorate unwilling to support progressive policies, such as those that would protect and benefit lesbians, gays and bisexuals. …
Scientists reveal new ice with record-low density
Amid the season known for transforming Nebraska into an outdoor ice rink, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln-led research team has predicted a new molecular form of the slippery stuff that even Mother Nature has never borne. The proposed ice, which th…
Evolution takes flight at February Sunday with a Scientist
The University of Nebraska State Museum's February Sunday with a Scientist program for children and families will investigate the diversity of evolution through exploration of species with wings. The event will be from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Feb. 21 at Mo…
January surveys: Businesses optimistic, but consumer confidence is down
Nebraska consumer confidence declined in January while business expectations rose, according to surveys conducted by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The survey results announced Friday marked the first release …
Study finds ratio between speed of evolution, population change
Does evolution really trundle along like Darwin's famous Galapagos tortoise? And do the populations undergoing this evolution really grow and decline with the speed of a hare? A new study led by UNL biologists has provided the first quantitative ans…
Team creates elastic materials that gleam when stretched
Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have shown that instantly transforming a dull surface to a mirror-like sheen is hardly a stretch. In fact, that's all it takes. UNL chemist Stephen Morin and his colleagues have developed a method fo…
UNL researchers identify target of disease-causing plant pathogens
A new study from a University of Nebraska-Lincoln research team led by plant pathologist Jim Alfano found that a bacterial plant pathogen suppresses a plant's immune system through the action of a protein called HopE1. While most bacteria are harmle…
2016 Great Plains Symposium to explore life of Neihardt
Though he is best known for his book "Black Elk Speaks," Nebraska poet laureate in perpetuity John G. Neihardt was the author of scores of other poems, stories and essays about the Great Plains, science, spirituality, Native people and the settlement…
SciPop series to kick off with talk on shapeshifting, invisibility
Interested in shapeshifting, invisibility and other science-fiction tropes? As cutting-edge physics research is reinventing matter itself, phenomena like these are becoming increasingly possible. From metamaterials to claytronics to synthetic biology…


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