Art, ecology, expeditions, wind machines in Great Plains Quarterly

Released on 06/12/2006, at 2:00 AM
Office of University Communications
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Lincoln, Neb., June 12th, 2006 —

In the spring issue of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Great Plains Quarterly, researchers wrote about Alexandre Hogue and his passion for ecology, the 1796 expedition led by James Mackay and John T. Evans and its impact on the Lewis and Clark expedition, and the return of wind machines or "windmills" to the Plains.

"In 1939, Texas artist Alexandre Hogue painted 'The Crucified Land,' a striking comparison of water erosion on a Denton, Texas, wheat farm to the martyrdom of Jesus of Nazareth," Oklahoma State University art historian Mark Andrew White wrote. White said Hogue's use of provocative religious overtones in his paintings drew attention to his "sermons on conservation." "'The Crucified Land' represents not only an important document of 1930s America but a passionate embrace of ecological principles that still resonates today," White said.

In an article about the third Spanish expedition of 1796, Kevin C. Witte said the maps and journals prepared by commanders James Mackay and John T. Evans had a significant impact on the preparation Lewis and Clark made for the Voyage of Discovery. Witte teaches geography and history at Kearney (Neb.) High School.

In a third article, Kansas State University geographer Jacob Sowers wrote that the rebirth of wind machines to generate electricity has been slowed by opposition to the "construction of vast wind turbine arrays." Sowers said much of the opposition is characterized as a NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) phenomenon, but the Great Plains seems to be an exception. "In fact, the residential reaction is better described as 'Please In My Backyard,' or PIMBY," he said.

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