UNL's Eversoll publishes first book on Nebraska landslides

Released on 10/10/2013, at 2:00 AM
Office of University Communications
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Lincoln, Neb., October 10th, 2013 —
Duane Eversoll in the field
Duane Eversoll in the field

            Duane Eversoll, professor emeritus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources, has written the first book chronicling the recent history of landslides in Nebraska.

            "I hope people realize that landslides do occur in Nebraska," Eversoll said. "Most people perceive us as a flat state -- we are not."

            Eversoll has more than 315 landslides in his database.

            "Nebraska Landslides" is the product of more than three decades of research, which initially began in 1981. Eversoll conducted virtually all of the book's research himself and drove across Nebraska to see the many landslides featured in the book in person.

            "This is important to me," Eversoll said. "I hope people will get an idea that this is something they need to be aware of.”

            Although landslides have occurred throughout Nebraska, they are more common in the eastern and northeastern parts of the state. The book features a susceptibility map that illustrates where landslides most frequently occur.

            Although there have been no reported deaths directly related to landslides in Nebraska, Eversoll said that four people died when they tried to fix the damage that had resulted from a landslide.

            "They had dug a trench and the trench gave way, killing four of them," he said. "We need to get this out and make people aware that we do have landslides in the state, and then educate them about where they should not be building."

            "Nebraska Landslides" is $12 and available for purchase from the Nebraska Maps and More Store on the first floor of Hardin Hall, 33rd and Holdrege streets. The book can also be purchased online at http://go.unl.edu/landslides and http://www.amazon.com, and by phone at 402-472-3471.

Writer: Mekita Rivas