Archery Contest, April 15; Register by March 27

Lincoln Shooting Stars club at Nebraska Outdoor Education Center
Lincoln Shooting Stars club at Nebraska Outdoor Education Center

Lancaster County 4-H is offering an Archery Contest on Saturday, April 15, 8 a.m.–Noon at the Nebraska Outdoor Education Center, 4703 N. 44th St., Lincoln. Registration is due by Monday, March 27. Registration form is

To participate, youth must be ages 8–18 (by January 1 of the current year) and actively enrolled in the 4-H shooting sports project under the direct supervision of a certified 4-H shooting sports instructor. Participants exhibiting unsafe practices may be disqualified from the contest at the discretion of the superintendent.

The contest will consist of 12 ends of 5 arrows on an NFAA 40 cm target. Scoring X, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 from the center out. Archers will be classified according to age division and bow style.

Age divisions:
• Junior — Ages 8–11 (10 yards)
• Intermediate — Ages 12–14 (10 yards for Basic Bow (BB); 20 yards for all other bow styles)
• Senior — Ages 15–18 (20 yards)

In addition to age divisions, archers are classified according to bow styles:
• Freestyle Limited Recurve (FSLR) — Longbow or recurve that must be shot with fingers. Sights without magnification and stabilizers are allowed.
• Basic Bow (BB) — Compound, recurve, or longbow that must be shot with fingers. No sights allowed.
• Freestyle Limited (FSL) — Any compound bow that must be shot with fingers. Sights, stabilizers, and peep sights are allowed.
• Freestyle (FS) — Same as Freestyle Limited, except must be shot with mechanical release.
• Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS) — Same as Freestyle, except stabilizer cannot exceed 12 inches, pin sights only (no magnification). Sights cannot be adjusted after the first scoring arrow.

This is a Lancaster County Super Fair contest held before the fair and premium payouts must be picked up Monday, Aug. 7, 7–11 a.m. at the Lancaster Event Center Fairgrounds – Lincoln Room.

If you have questions, contact Kate Pulec at or 402-441-7180.