Racial Justice and Allyship Resources

Racial Justice Resources
Racial Justice Resources

In light of recent events with Black Lives Matter and police brutality, I have created a resource compiled of insightful Instagram posts to serve as a starting point for reflection and discussions, finding resources, supporting black business and creators, and overall self-educating. It is especially helpful for visual learners and has a few resources for mental health and self-care as well. As an institution, we have a long way to go and I hope you can find this helpful as we all find similar and different ways to do our part.

Sections include:
• Allyship: How To’s
• Self-Educate
o Health & Medicine
o Diagrams
• Historical Context
• Black Stories and Voices
• Lists and Resources
o BIPOC support and resources
• With Kids
• To the Point Posts

Notes: Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. There is a Tips for Use section under the “About” header. It is not mobile friendly!

More details at: https://insta-resources.wixsite.com/racialjustice