Faculty and Staff in the Media

Several BSE faculty, graduate students, and their work were featured both by Nebraska Today and the Water for Food Institute websites. A new, interactive online tool can be used to search for papers and projects by the Water for Food Global Institute, NU faculty fellows, the Nebraska Water Center, the Water Sciences Laboratory, and others. The map displays descriptions of projects, faculty focus areas, and the countries involved in the projects. Read more about the map on Nebraska Today and the Our Work portion of the Water for Food Institute website.

Santosh Pitla was featured by IANR News as a recent Faculty Spotlight.

Bruce Dvorak and a team of researchers have been awarded a $97,662 grant to study sulfur emissions from landfills and develop a treatment strategy to reduce the emissions. The grant, awarded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) was discussed in the Grand Island Independent article "Nebraska Engineering researchers receive NET grant to develop treatment to reduce sulfur emissions."

Rick Koelsch and Rick Stowell wrote a Q&A for Bovine Veterinarian on the topic of "Muddy Feedlot Surfaces: What Are My Options?"

Paul Jasa discussed with Successful Farming a systems approach to farm management and soil health. The radio interview was also selected as a highlight in "Nebraska in the national news: June 2019."

Tiffany Messer, Shannon Bartelt-Hunt (Department of Civil Engineering), and Dan Snow (Nebraska Water Center) made the Office of Research and Economic Development list of Top Awards from Public Sponsors, May 2019 for a Department of Agriculture-NIFA grant for $499,999. The study will examine Influence of Agrochemical Mixtures on Treatment Wetland Ecosystems Services.

The Lincoln Journal Star featured a robot designed by graduate student Abbas Atefi and his work in plant phenotyping with Yufeng Ge and Santosh Pitla. The article, "Robots in the cornfield? UNL team believes it’s the next big thing," incorporates video of the robot at work and quotes from the two faculty members.

Suat Irmak published an article on "Soil Water Content- and Soil Matric Potential-Based Irrigation Trigger Values for Different Soil Types" for UNL's CropWatch website.