Master's project defense this Thursday

CSE Master's Project Defense
CSE Master's Project Defense

Master's Project Defense: Mitchell Gerrard

Thursday, December 5, 2019
9 a.m.
103C Avery Hall

Committee Members: Dr. ThanhVu Nguyen (Advisor),
Dr. Matthew Dwyer, and Witawas Srisa-an

"Cooperation Among Program Analyzers"

Abstract: Different static analyzers model a program's behavior in vastly different ways. Typically, the performance of one analyzer is pitted against another's—to show, for example, that one technique is superior in a given domain. Our work explores how this competitive spirit can be transformed into a cooperative one: where the partial results from one program analyzer can be used to improve the analysis efforts of another. We investigate the opportunities, advantages, and challenges involved when using multiple program analyzers in tandem to determine the many possible ways a program can satisfy some property.