Apply to be an undergraduate TA for the fall semester

Apply to be an undergraduate TA for the fall semester.
Apply to be an undergraduate TA for the fall semester.

Undergraduate TAs are needed for the fall 2022 semester.

Being an undergraduate TA includes a mix of the following duties depending on what works with your course instructor and TA team members:
1) Helping in lab
2) Holding office hours in the Student Resource Center
3) Helping in recitation
4) Communicating with students
5) Participating in TA coordinating meetings for the course
6) Grading
7) Preparing homework and quizzes

1) Prepared to assist with the assigned course (such as a good grade in the previous course)
2) Academic good standing
3) Clean academic integrity record
4) UNL student for the semester

1) Learn through the review and teaching of others.
2) Earn $12 per hour on whatever schedule works for you and your assigned course instructor.
3) Win potential awards at end-of-year appreciation events.
4) Boost your resume.
5) Get good reference letters.
6) Build teaching skills.
7) Enjoy flexible hours. You are paid for the hours you work and arrange for, which can change each week, with no need to leave Avery Hall to get to work.

School of Computing advisors will be reviewing applications as they are able and will try to respond to students by finals week.

Advisors will be sending out additional information at a later date about the course.

To apply, go to, fill out your personal info, and check the courses that interest you.

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