Attend grad workshop today

Liz Lorang
Liz Lorang

• Have you been frustrated by not knowing where to go for research articles, including finding the most relevant papers for your work?

• Do you ever get stuck trying to trace the conversation about your research area?

• Have you spent a lot of time organizing the research papers that you have read?

• Have you been frustrated by not remembering which papers that you have read but you really wanted to cite?

• Have you spent a lot of time trying to match your own review notes to the actual papers that you have reviewed, and vice versa?

If so, consider attending tomorrow's workshop, "Research Tools, Techniques, and Strategies for Grad Students."

The goal of the workshop is to help graduate students in Computer Science and Engineering be more efficient, effective, and deliberate in their research practices. This hands-on workshop will introduce a range of tools, techniques, and strategies for locating, accessing, and organizing scholarly information for advanced research projects. The workshop will cover resources available through UNL Libraries, as well as open access resources.

A workshop by Professor Liz Lorang, UNL Libraries
Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Time: 5-6 p.m.
Location: Avery Hall 106