Become a research assistant in Food Science and Technology lab

Food Science and Technology
Food Science and Technology

Dr. Yanbin Yin in the Food Science and Technology department  ( is seeking one or two CS undergrad student research assistants to join his lab for at least one year. The students can start as soon as possible for approximately 10-20 hours a week.
The lab has a long tradition of working with highly talented CS undergraduate students who are interested in gaining experience in software engineering and web-based tool development ( Most of them have obtained jobs in the industry (e.g., Discover Bank) or academia (e.g., Argonne National Lab) immediately after graduation. 
Duties of the RA position: The student will primarily work on the command line terminal of Linux computer/computing cluster housed in HCC to: 1) assist in collecting and downloading genome data from major bioinformatics websites using BASH; 2) assist in running different bioinformatics tools to analyze the downloaded genomes; 3) develop bioinformatics data analysis programs/softwares with the following languages: Python, Perl, C/C++, R; 4) install and configure the MySQL database management tool and the PHP web programming tool; 5) build online databases/websites with PHP + JavaScript. In addition, the student will: 1) present and discuss the progress with the PI and other lab members in the weekly lab meeting; and 2) assist in collecting data for research paper writing and external grant proposal writing.
Please note that qualifications include a 3.5 GPA, and an "A" in CSCE 311 and 361. Exceptional sophomore and freshman students who haven't taken these courses but have an "A" in CSCE 251 will also be considered. Experience in assembling desktop PCs is a plus.

To apply, contact Dr. Yanbin Yin at, or his office at FIC 253.