UNL Mathematics expands online opportunities for math teachers

The UNL Department of Mathematics announces three online opportunities for mathematics courses, including a new course that emphasizes the use of technology. Each of the three courses can be part of a graduate program leading to the MAT degree. The UNL spring semester begins Monday, January 13, 2020.

The courses are:

Math 896: Using Technology to Aid in Mathematical Problem Solving (*NEW*)
Math 805T: Discrete Mathematics for Teachers
Math 814T: Linear Algebra for Teachers

Option 1, for middle level or secondary teachers:
Math 896, section 700: Using Technology to Aid Mathematical Problem Solving
Class Number for Registration: 20129
Instructor: Shelby Aaberg, Scottsbluff High School

A series of mathematics problems and strategies that are enhanced by explorations using technology (e.g., Desmos, Geogebra) are addressed. Attention will be paid to how technology can strengthen the teaching of mathematics. Note: Teachers who have already taken TEAC 880E: Teaching Mathematics with Technology, for grades 7-12, cannot take this course for credit toward their degree.

Option 2, for middle level or secondary teachers:
Math 805T, section 700: Discrete Mathematics for Teachers
Class Number for Registration: 9801
Instructor: Dr. Christine Kelley, UNL

Designed to deepen knowledge of discrete mathematics as it relates to topics covered in middle through high school curricula. Course topics (such as graph theory and counting techniques) are introduced through "hands-on" explorations through which various problem-solving strategies are emphasized.

Option 3, for secondary teachers:
Math 814T, section 700: Linear Algebra for Teachers
Class Number for Registration: 9802
Instructor: Dr. Brian Harbourne, UNL

Concepts of linear algebra form key connections between much of what underlies the H.S. math curriculum and advanced mathematical topics and real-world applications. This course studies the relationships between linear equations, linear transformations and the geometry of lines and planes, along with their behavior and practical applications.

Additional online opportunities, such as courses in Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education or at UNO or UNK, are also options. UNK is offering SMED 888: Science/Math Education Capstone Course online in Spring 2020: http://www.unk.edu/academics/science-math-ed/online-classes-by-semester.php.

Many teachers combine online opportunities with in-person math courses offered by the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes to earn their master’s degree. We will have the NMSSI summer course catalog posted online in February 2020.