Two reasons to come to Lincoln on Oct. 22

Jim Lewis
Jim Lewis

There are two good reasons you should come to Lincoln on Saturday, Oct. 22:
1. There is a conference on Enacting Standards for Mathematical Practices that assembles a number of truly outstanding speakers (including Bill McCallum, lead author of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics).
2. Many of you who have been part of our programs over the years may want to take the opportunity to help us honor Dr. Jim Lewis and his lifetime contributions to math education in Nebraska.

For those of you who cannot attend but would like to send your congratulations to Jim, please send your message to, and we will collect all responses and present them to Jim at the Saturday evening banquet.

We have travel support (mileage/hotel costs) available; simply request this on your registration form.

If you are coming, we encourage you to register for the conference by September 15, as many funding decisions will be made at that time. And, since our current Saturday plans include using an auditorium that seats 150, we need to know if that will be enough space.

More information is available online:

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