Regional Math Nights to Resume


NebraskaMATH began supporting regional gatherings of educators and teachers around a meal and mathematics in Fall 2010, and as result of their success, we are pleased to continue hosting the Dinner & a Math Problem events in 2011/2012. All teachers of mathematics (especially of grades 6-12) are invited to join in an evening of free food, fellowship and fun at a “Dinner & a Math Problem” event or at a regional “Math Teachers Circle.” Both events are designed to bring together teachers of mathematics
and mathematicians with the goal of discovering and
sharing with students the excitement and richness of problem solving in deep yet accessible mathematical topics.

While the details are not yet available, we anticipate hosting Dinner & a Math Problem events in each of the following Nebraska locations (one in the fall, another in the spring):
- Scottsbluff
- Norfolk
- Grand Island
- Fremont
- Omaha
We will keep you informed --- watch for details in future newsletters or email with questions.

Math Teachers Circles (MTC) are similar to Dinner & a Math Problem events, but meet on a more regular basis. Visit the MTC website at MTC events convene regularly in Lincoln and in Kearney and are scheduled as follows:

KEARNEY – Horizon Middle School; 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Monday, October 10
Monday, November 21
RSVP to Pari Ford

LINCOLN – Culler Middle School; 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Wednesday, October 12
Thursday, November 17
RSVP to Anne Schmidt

More details at: