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Clare Umutoni, sophomore Integrated Science major from Rwanda, pictured outside of her campus housing.  Photo by Sevoey Anderson, Daily Nebraskan
Clare Umutoni, sophomore Integrated Science major from Rwanda, pictured outside of her campus housing. Photo by Sevoey Anderson, Daily Nebraskan

Our students and alumni at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have incredible and impactful global experiences during their time on campus. This section features those who have been highlighted across campus in the last month for their accomplishments, experiences, and Nebraska career.

Discover the continued dedication of students despite a global pandemic, their world-impacting research and their journey to Nebraska.

Rwandan student learns value of friendship and bravery during pandemic
When Clare Umutoni made the immeasurable move to the United States from Rwanda as an international student in the fall of 2019, she said she expected a rewarding journey full of personal and academic growth. What she didn’t anticipate was living in America during a global pandemic, online classes and a travel ban. Yet thanks to the accommodation of professors and a strong peer network, Umutoni has succeeded and grown as a student in the past year.
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UNL's Afghan Student Association returns to campus
Out of 34 international student organizations, one group has been without leadership for 12 years: the Afghan Student Association. In March 2020, this changed. For the first time since 2008, the Afghan Student Association is on UNL’s campus. The club is headed by sisters Sara and Susan Qudus, who serve as president and vice president respectively, along with aid from treasurer Michelle Ebrahim. In AFSA’s constitution, the group promises to unify the Afghan student population of UNL and invites those interested to experience Afghan culture, promoting cultural knowledge through community events.
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Buffett Institute awards fellowships to two Nebraska doctoral students
The Buffett Early Childhood Institute has awarded one-year grants to two Nebraska doctoral students through a pioneering fellowship program. The two students are Keting Chen and Erin Hamel, both human sciences students in the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies. Keting, of Shanghai, China is exploring how the home numeracy environments and child care numeracy environments are associated with preschool-age children’s numeracy skills. Hamel, of Athens, Georgia, will investigate the workplace support of planning/non-contact time, a widely overlooked facet of early childhood teachers’ workday.
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Undergrad to lead research collaboration with Oxford archive
Hastings native Andrew Malesker’s leadership skills and passion for classics earned him a position leading a student research team this fall. The team merged modern technology with classical language as they write and create a multimedia interactive e-book on “Antigone” in conjunction with Oxford University’s Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama.
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Amador drawn to Nebraska for research, diversity
Osler Ortez Amador, a doctoral student in agronomy and crop production, came to Nebraska from his hometown of San Fernando, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. After completing his master’s degree, he was looking for an institution with a strong academic and research program in agriculture. After exploring different institutions around the world, Amador found the perfect fit at Nebraska, where he continues to enjoy the diversity of backgrounds among his peers, faculty advisors and the community.
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