Lawn Care and Young Children: Creating a Safe and Fun Place to Play


By Katie Krause, Extension Educator in Douglas/Sarpy Counties

Spring is in full swing here in Nebraska and our family is spending a lot more time outside. As I walked around our yard this week, I realized I needed to do something to help get our less-than-stellar yard in better condition. We have been trying to get our lawn healthy so it can withstand the wear and tear of two young children and two dogs (we are getting a new puppy next week!) playing on it year-round.

So, what does lawn care have to do with early childhood? For our family, this is simple. Safety. We’d like to have a yard with enough grass we don’t end up with a muddy mess, but we don’t want to risk our kids or pets getting sick from whatever we apply to the lawn. I reached out to my fellow Extension Educator, John Fech, who is a horticulturist. One of his areas of specialization is turf grass. He responded quickly, and even wrote this wonderful blog so we could share the helpful information with you!

Check it out here:

John shares details about these four big takeaways:
• Follow the instructions exactly!
• Break the application into two or three parts. This one was a huge "ah-ha!" moment for me. Don’t do your front and back yard all on the same day. Get the backyard done, but still have safe access to your front yard. Simple…but genius!
• Know how the product works — foliage active — work on the leaves; root active — goes into the ground.
• Mow — Fertilize — Water.

Remember, "Children Thrive Outside"…so use these helpful hints to make sure your yard is functional and safe for your whole family!