Causeway at Northwestern University

Causeway at Northwestern University
Causeway at Northwestern University

Causeway at Northwestern University

The Department of Mathematics at Northwestern University recently reached out to us to advertise their Causeway at Northwestern University program, which looks like an excellent opportunity for students who want to go to graduate school. Causeway is a 12-month program designed to prepare students for graduate school through coursework, a research experience, seminars on the profession, mentorship and community building. It is tuition-free and provides a living stipend (about $34,000) to students. The program includes coursework that falls under three tracks: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics. The mission of Causeway is to increase the number of graduate students in the mathematical sciences from historically under-represented groups.

Applications are now open for the 2020-21 session. The deadline to apply is April 1, 2020. To apply, login to as a program applicant, create an account, and search for CAUSEWAY. More details, including application information and links, can be found at the website:

Questions? You can contact the program about any questions here:

Below is an outline of the required application materials:

Unofficial transcripts
o Provide a copy of an unofficial transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended documenting all coursework (whether or not within a degree program), all course grades, and all degrees.
o We will require applicants who accept an offer of admission to submit official transcripts before starting the program.

Letters of Recommendation
o Provide two to three letters of recommendation. At least two letters should come from individuals who can write about your mathematical training and overall academic preparation for advanced coursework in mathematical sciences.
o Letter writers should submit letters through

Personal Statement
o Provide a one- to two-page statement of purpose explaining why you desire to be a Causeway Scholar, your current goals, career plans, and reasons for selecting mathematics or statistics as your field of graduate study.
o Writing Prompt: Explain why you desire to be a Causeway Scholar and how you think this program will help you achieve your future goals/aspirations. Why do you wish to pursue mathematics or statistics? What attracted you to the Causeway program? What makes you a good candidate for Causeway? How will Causeway help you to achieve your future goals and aspirations?

Diversity Statement
o Provide a one-page statement that describes your experiences with and/or contributions to diversity and inclusion in the mathematical sciences.
o Writing Prompt: Causeway is committed to strengthening and broadening the mathematical sciences, specifically by increasing participation among individuals belonging to groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in graduate study and careers in the mathematical sciences (e.g., certain racial and ethnic minorities, women, first-generation college students, etc.). We invite you to share any experiences, events, or personal perspectives that might help the admissions committee better understand why Causeway is right for you.