Math Department Positions Available for Fall 2019!

Math Department Jobs
Math Department Jobs

Math Department Positions Available for Fall 2019!

The Department of Mathematics is looking to hire undergraduates that are interested in filling a variety of positions in our department:

• Learning Assistant: Assist instructor in dedicated active learning classroom for Math 101 or Math 103

• MRC Counselor: Guide students as they study or work through homework assignments in the Math Resource Center

• Teaching Assistant: Lead active learning recitations for Math 106 or Math 107

• Grader: Grade and provide constructive feedback on homework assignments for various upper level math courses

Successful applicants should possess good communication skills and be committed to helping students succeed. A key component of all of our first year math courses is the emphasis on active learning and student engagement, with instructors acting as classroom guides instead of dispensers of knowledge. Students investigate problems in groups and learn to employ sound mathematical reasoning, and critical components of all courses include student-student and student-teacher discussions of the mathematics.

A strong candidate will be someone who is interested in helping students and is willing to probe into the students' thinking, clarify points of confusion, and promote good study habits. Previous teaching experience is not necessary. By working in the department, you will be able to experience the joy a student shows when a previously misunderstood concept becomes clear. You will be able to experience classroom teaching and the self-fulfillment of helping people. We anticipate that this will be both an interesting and valuable experience.

Depending on the position, we budget around 5-8 hours of work per week. Duties for the different positions vary, including things like teaching/assisting during classroom time, preparing for class, meeting with the convener or instructor with whom you are working, and leading review sessions. Depending on what position you are hired for, you may be included in the Mathematics Department orientation the Friday before classes start.

The positions that we are looking to fill, as well as the minimum qualifications for each position, may be found at the application page, If you are interested in applying for any positions, please fill out the application at your earliest convenience, as we will be starting to consider applicants within the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions about the positions or the application process, please contact Josh Brummer (