• Efforts continue with developing a Mid-Continent Hydrogen (MCH2) transportation corridor along I-80. Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri jointly form the proposed MCH2 Hub with Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) functioning as the applicant and prime recipient of the project. NPPD held their first meetings with Truck Stop owners, large truck owners, and the MCH2 Transportation committee last month at the Energy Center.

• Application for the 2024 NCESR Summer Internships will be posted in October 2023 to the NCESR website and to UNL Handshake. Handshake is the place for UNL students to engage with employers and search/apply for internships, co-ops, part/full time jobs, work study, and campus employment.

• The Cycle 17 seed grant principal investigators will present project updates to the NCESR Progress Review Committee on 10/19/2023, which will determine the Cycle 17 projects that will receive Year 2 funding.

• The Cycle 18 proposals are reviewed by external reviewers, and then the NCESR Executive Council (EC) on 11/17/2023. The EC will provide their suggestions for funding to the NCESR External Advisory Committee (EAC). The EAC will meet on 12/8/2023 to make the final funding decision for the Cycle 18 seed grant awards.