One Day Without Shoes

One Day Without Shoes
One Day Without Shoes

Cornhusker Bank recognized the needs in
our community for those with inadequate
footwear and partnered with People’s City
Mission to help satisfy those needs.

The Mission can utilize all used shoes in
some form. Even unwearable shoes can be
sold as recycled material, with the sales
going to the benefit of the mission. Many
shoes that are donated have a lot of good
wear left in them. These shoes are important
to someone whose sole form of transportation
is their ability to walk. Monetary
donations made in the name of this event
are all used toward footwear purchases by
the Mission.

In 2011 Cornhusker Bank and People’s City Mission partnered to help raise awareness of the impact a need for a pair of shoes can have on a person’s life hosting a One
Day Without Shoes Event. The public was encouraged to bring their worn or new shoes, or cash donations to help put shoes on the feet of Lincoln’s less fortunate. By the
end of the week long event Cornhusker Bank’s six locations had collected over 4,350 pairs of shoes and donations totaling $8,200.00!
Pastor Tom Barber, Executive Director of the People’s City Mission reported, “With this amazing amount of shoes and money we collected we will be able to help thousands of
people. Thank you Cornhusker Bank for creating this event and thank you, all of Lincoln for all your kindness.”

The focus for the 2012 event will be to collect shoes for children (but don’t forget to donate those adult sizes as well). The majority of the footwear we received in our first annual event was adult footwear, and there is an enormous demand for shoes for youth. Contact Cornhusker Bank at 402-434-2265
and ask how you can be part of the 2012

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