Handshake offers direct access to employer contacts

New features such as Virtual Info Chats in Handshake now connect you even more directly with employers!
New features such as Virtual Info Chats in Handshake now connect you even more directly with employers!

Making a personal connection in the job search can make all the difference and doing so is now a quick click through two new features in Handshake*, the platform provided by Career Services which lists local, national, and international work and career opportunities.

When searching for part-time or full-time job, internship, or service positions in Handshake, you can message a recruiter identified for a specific position using the “Send a message” link. Reaching out to an employer this way shows initiative and lets a recruiter get to know you personally. It is a more informal way to express interest in a position and ask questions about it before or after applying for it and is a great way to build a relationship with a recruiter.

Virtual Info Chats are 15-minute conversations with employers which you can schedule through Handshake. Taking direct messaging even further, Virtual Info Chats allow you to express interest in, ask questions about, and/or follow-up on a specific position in an online meeting with the contact person for the hiring organization.

Messaging and Virtual Info Chat options can be found in job descriptions in Handshake. Depending on how you have your privacy settings, you may also be invited to sign-up for a Virtual Info Chat by employers reaching out to you directly.

Connect with a Career Coach to learn how to make the most of these and other features in Handshake. Appointments can be scheduled through MyPlan accessed directly or through the Career Coaching option on University Career Services’ site at https://careers.unl.edu/. Personal connections make a difference and now Handshake makes making those connections easier!

*Not familiar with Handshake? All you need to do is activate your account at https://careers.unl.edu/resources/welcome-to-handshake-at-unl/ where you will also find info on finding part-time and full-time jobs, internships and service opportunities, creating your profile, and on other features designed to connect you with employers through Handshake!

More details at: https://careers.unl.edu/resources/welcome-to-handshake-at-unl/