Huskers cross campus in front of Broyhill Fountain.
Huskers cross campus in front of Broyhill Fountain.

How to start the semester off right (and keep it going!)

The beginning of any semester — let alone the school year — can be hectic! But we've put together some easy steps to help make sure you’re starting the semester off right and setting yourself up for success in the coming 16 weeks. Continue reading…

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Four intramural sports to sign up for this week

The deadline to sign up for 4-on-4 sand volleyball is September 1st.Grab a friend or a few for some casual competition and the chance to win a championship t-shirt. Keep reading to learn more about the intramural sports leagues and tournaments with deadlines this week, including tennis, football pick 'em, sand volleyball, and a flag football tournament. Continue reading…


7 places you need your NCard around campus

Keep your Ncard with you to access these eight free campus perks.You probably already know you must have your Ncard to access your residence hall and campus buildings after hours, but there are many other uses for your NCard that you likely don't know about. Keep reading to find out which campus perks require NCard identification.
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Monkeypox: What you need to know

Photo Credit: NHS England High Consequence Infectious Diseases NetworkMonkeypox has been declared a public health emergency. Although no cases have been identified on campus, the University Health Center encourages all students to learn about monkeypox and take action to stay safe. Here’s what you need to know about the virus.

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