Fast-A-Thon is March 20

Amnesty International is teaming up with Middle Eastern Students Unite (MESU) to bring to the nationwide Fast-A-Thon to campus on March 20.

The day's events begin early Thursday morning. Any student who wishes to participate will eat one meal before daybreak and then fast all day until sunset.

At 6 p.m. students are able to break the fast and join Amnesty and MESU for dinner and other activities in the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center. The authentic Middle Eastern dinner is $5 per person. Proceeds benefit the Lincoln Food Bank.

Dinner will be accompanied by two speakers: John Mabry, who will talk about how students can contribute to the fight against hunger in Lincoln, and Asawar Sajid, who will explain to students more about the nature of fasting in the Islamic faith.

Open to all students and non-students.
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