January is Stalking Awareness Month

January is National Stalking Awareness Month. Stalking is a series of actions to make someone feel afraid or in danger. Stalking is serious, often violent, and can escalate over time. Stalking behaviors can include (but are not limited to) non-consensual communication (via in-person, telephone calls, voice messages, text messages, email messages, or social networking site postings), following, waiting, and/or showing up uninvited at a dorm room or classroom, surveillance and other types of observation, whether by physical proximity or electronic means.
Students who are being stalked may change their daily routine to avoid the stalker, which may result in missed classes and limited access to study resources. A sudden decline in grades may be the result of stalking.
If you know someone is being stalked, you can help. Listen, support, and refer the student to Morgan, the UNL Victim Advocate, for free and confidential services. You can reach Morgan at 402-472-0203 or morgan@voicesofhopelincoln.org. For additional information, please visit http://www.victimsofcrime.org/our-programs/stalking-resource-center

More details at: http://go.unl.edu/wfoq