Funding for Graduate Student Conference Travel

The ASUN Graduate Student Assembly is now accepting applications for funding to support graduate students conference presentation, to promote professional development and networking of graduate students within their disciplines. The application deadline is November 30. Please visit for more information.
Recognizing how necessary it is for graduate students to attend conferences to advance in their discipline, and understanding the substantial costs graduate students incur in conference travel, the ASUN Graduate student assembly is awarding $8000 in grants to support graduate student conference travel during the spring 2017 semester. Graduate students attending conferences within the US will be eligible for $400, and graduate students attending conferences abroad will be eligible for $600.
Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis, based on the description of research, involvement of the applicant in the research being presented, the importance of the conference to the applicant, and how the presentation will contribute to UNL’s visibilities. Graduate students will need to submit a 500 word essay explaining how their presentation addresses the preceding criteria. Applications will be reviewed by three reviewers—two graduate students and one faculty member.
If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Julia Reilly or Sabrina Brown at GSA is thrilled about this new program and is looking forward to helping graduate students get to conferences!

More details at: