Fall Farmers Market to Feature Student-Created Goods

Hosted by CASNR Advisory Board
Hosted by CASNR Advisory Board

The Fall Farmers Market provides an opportunity for students and Recognized Student Organizations to raise funds, generate profit, or gain experience in marketing a product, the CASNR Advisory Board is hosting an on-campus farmers market-style student fair from noon to 4 p..m Oct. 19.

The market is open to all University of Nebraska-Lincoln Recognized Student Organizations. Students are encouraged to sell goods the pertain to their interests. For example, clubs growing produce sell produce; students who knit can market their knitware; and those who juggle could offer juggling equipment or lessons.

The fair will serve not only as a fundraising opportunity, but as an opportunity to showcase the diversity of talent at Nebraska.

Those interested in selling at the fair should submit a booth proposal, describing their goods and services. A signed contract and booth reservation deposit of $10 will be required. All proposals and questions should be directed to Reilly Grealish at reillygrealish@yahoo.com by Oct. 10.