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Three new summer online courses offered

Three summer online courses explore the pandemic's effect on supply chains, the future of work and strengths-based leadership.In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nebraska's College of Business is offering three online summer courses exploring the pandemic’s effect on the supply chain and the future of work, as well as strengths-based leadership. Students of any major can enroll in the courses through MyRed. Continue reading…


Student experiences in internships, volunteering and research

Students participate in a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities, and the university wishes to capture and catalog this important piece of their college experience. Encourage your student to share their experience by answering a survey. Continue reading…

More details at: https://myred.nebraska.edu/psc/myred/NBL/HRMS/s/WEBLIB_ENTREDIR.ISCRIPT1.FieldFormula.IScript_Redirect?nba-product=EF&cref=NBL_NVC_DS_EFORM_SR_INT_DAT
Originally published June 2, 2020 - Submit an Item