Inclusive Locker Room Enhances Campus Recreation Center

New inclusive locker rooms available at the Campus Recreation Center.
New inclusive locker rooms available at the Campus Recreation Center.

When students returned for the academic year, a newly-opened renovation awaited them – an inclusive locker room in the Campus Recreation Center.

Formerly, the space was a visiting team locker room that was vacated by the university’s athletic department. An analysis of the space led to removing it’s “team locker room” feel and renovate it into an inviting, purpose-built space that multiple audiences could use with ease and bring the Campus Recreation Center – at 25 years old, UNL’s most mature recreation facility – up to the same standards of the University's newest recreation facilities. The Outdoor Adventures Center (opened May 2014) and the Recreation & Wellness Center (opened July 2015) were purposely constructed with inclusive locker rooms, in addition to gender-specific locker rooms.

Inclusive locker rooms/spaces advance the goal of “no-barriers-to-participation” and elevate comfort and dignity. Campus Recreation worked with the LGBTQA+ Resource Center to establish base needs for transgender students, and then elevated the amenities for a wider audience, e.g. families with young children, students with body-image challenges, members with medical concerns who desire more privacy, elderly visitors who require assistance from others and need additional space beyond a standard toilet stall.

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