Updates from Procurement Contracts

Contract Status Reports

Just a reminder that we continue to provide a contract status report every Monday. If you have a contract with us for review and you are wondering where it is in the process, the report may be useful.

Let’s talk about contract templates.

Many of you have used the Addendum with the Required Board of Regents Language template when contracting.

Here are some facts about this template:

- This template has been drafted and approved for use by General
- It contains “boilerplate” language that addresses compliance with:
- The Board of Regents (governing body of the university) policy
- State of Nebraska statutes
- Federal laws and codes

When to use this template:
- Primarily, use in conjunction with the supplier’s contract template

For example: maybe the supplier refuses to use our Standard Agreement
or Master Agreement, this addendum is a way to include the language the
university needs to protect itself and remain complaint with policies,
statutes, and laws.