Academic Advising Update: Finals Week

Sydney Webb
Sydney Webb


Each newsletter I will be sharing tips, campus resources, and skills that can help you personally, academically, and professionally. This newsletter’s highlight is the final exam schedule!

Finals week is in next week! You can find the final exam schedule here: Familiarize yourself with your exam schedule and plan ahead.

Don’t forget to take breaks! Study and give it your best effort but remember that your grades don’t define your worth as a human. I’m proud of you for making it to (almost) the end of the semester! Good luck, and you got this!


Don’t forget to register for classes if you haven’t already!

Congrats! You found the link to enter the SGIS Swag Giveaway for this week!!! Enter here:


*November 10-January 9: Open Registration for Spring Semester 2022
*December 6-11: Last week of classes
*December 13-17: Fall Semester Final Exams
*December 18: Fall Semester Undergraduate Commencement

The Academic Calendar has all the dates you should know about for the whole academic year! You can find it here:

More details at: