Student Spotlight: Samantha Grove

Student Spotlight: Samantha Grove
Student Spotlight: Samantha Grove

Name: Samantha Grove
Instagram handle: @sammer.the.insta.grammer
Major(s) and Minor(s): Majors in Journalism, Broadcast and Anthropology with a Minor in Classics
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Year at UNL: Junior

Favorite book and why: Pride and Prejudice has been my favorite book since I first read it sometime in middle school. I really enjoyed the writings of Jane Austin and the descriptive language. Reading served as an escape from reality that lead me to places I had never been to around the world. I can remember reading the novel as a kid and imagining what it would be like to wonder through fields and investigate large extravagant manners that can be found in England.

Favorite movie and why: Spirited Away has been a treasured film in my life for as long as I can remember. The art style and concept of a magical and mystical reality always really enchanted me. This idea that a young girl wonders through a tunnel and stumbles upon a world where she can see spirits always made me hopefully for a magical reality.

Why these majors and minors?
Stories have been a major source of interest in my life. As I got older I realized that I could be apart of a process of writing human stories. I picked up majors in Journalism and Broadcast because I wanted to be able to tell human stories for public consumption. As I continue my education I stumbled upon Anthropology and fell in love with this concept of exploring humanity. The more I studied the more I realized that I really wanted to have the knowledge to interpret human past using scientific methods and observations. Adding a Classics minor seemed like an extension of this pursuit as it leads me to have an intimate understanding of ancient texts.

Most interesting courses:
I really enjoyed taking Human Osteology, although I expected it to be not something I was particularly interested in Dr. Belcher really made the experience informative and enjoyable. I also really enjoyed Digital Heritage Tools, which I took with Dr. Richards-Rissetto, and found it to be really important in understanding how to take complex information and make it easily understandable. I suggest that students treat courses as important learning experiences, rather than as a means to get a degree upon graduation. Really work to take courses that challenge you and make you a better professional and individual. Anthropology is so important for anyone looking to understand people and diversity, which would serve anyone regardless of field of study.

I studied abroad Summer 2022 in a faculty-led trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland studying conflict resolution and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I really enjoyed seeing all the tourist sites but beyond that having the opportunity to learn about a place with so much history and culture was a really formative experience for me. I would heavily suggest anyone, regardless of major, should find opportunity to study abroad and better their understanding of cross-cultural communication. I also attend Classics club and go to various LGBTQ+ events on campus, both of which really help me keep in touch with my community and discuss things I am learning in classes. These on campus experiences also have helped me get to know people with more experience in college than me. This was incredibly important for me as a first generation student who was trying to figure out how to be a college student.

Post-Graduation Plans:
After I graduate I will be continuing on into a graduate degree in Anthropology. I hope to use my knowledge in anthropology, archaeology and forensics for a career as a professional anthropologist (which subfield specifically I'm not quite sure yet). In the long term I hope to develop documentary style work and so I am drawn to visual anthropology.