Two-factor authentication required starting May 16

Enroll in Two-Factor Authentication today
Enroll in Two-Factor Authentication today

In an effort to increase the security of your personal identity and data, as well as the university's data, all UNL students, faculty and staff will be required to use Two-Factor Authentication by Duo beginning May 16.

Two-Factor will be required to access web-based university services, such as Canvas, Box, MyRed and email. If you have not registered for Two-Factor by May 16, you will be prompted to enroll your Two-Factor device the next time you try to access these web-based services.

Why wait until May to protect your accounts? Enroll in Two-Factor today at 

Why is this being done?

  • Cyberattacks targeting our faculty, staff, and students are an ongoing threat and we've had a significant number of victims within our university community.
  • In 2018, 81% of cyberattacks were executed by taking advantage of weak or stolen passwords.
  • Two-Factor Authentication is the best way to mitigate attacks on weak or stolen passwords.

How do I use Two-Factor Authentication?
  • Visit to enroll.
  • You can use Two-Factor in a number of ways. Choose the authentication method that is most convenient for you on the device of your choice. 
  • After you’ve entered your credentials, a second factor of authentication will be sent to you by whichever method you chose during your Two-Factor enrollment.
  • After approving the second factor, you’ll be logged in.
  • The university’s Two-Factor Authentication is provided by Duo. So, if you're already using the Duo app to log in to your services, that means you're already enrolled in Two-Factor. 

For more information about Two-Factor, including FAQ’s, video tutorials and instructions on how to register, visit 

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