Environmental Studies and Upward Bound Spring Showcase is April 18

All are invited to the Environmental Studies Spring Showcase, Wednesday, April 18, 2012, in the second floor lobby of Hardin Hall. It will feature posters on senior thesis topics and from our high school Environmentors/Upward Bound program. Refreshments will be served.

Senior thesis research posters will include:

Jake Arneson: Middle school students' attitudes towards garden based learning: A case study at Park Middle School

Eric Barth: Prevalence of Childhood Obesity in Elementary Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska: A study of Children on Free or Reduced Lunches

Craig Easley: Evaluating the Success of Individually Owned vs. Cooperative of Agritourism Businesses in Nebraska

Justin Hladik: Warming Night Time Temperatures and Crop Health in the Corn Belt

Daniel Kent: Potential Impacts of Asian Carp on Pallid Sturgeon

Carole Kerry: Competing for Land: The Relationship Between Urban Development and Agriculture in Lancaster and Seward Counties

Jarad Kinyoun: Individual water scarcity education

Allyson Lamb: Nebraska's Safe and Legal Medication Disposal

Jim McBride: Using Landsat Imagery to Monitor Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery in the
Sandhills of Nebraska: A Multitemporal Approach

Elizabeth Novich: Fluctuations are not Always Depressing: Complex Effects of Temperature Variation on Population Growth

Jordan Pharris: Road Salt Runoff: The Effects of Halite Concentrations on Urban Water bodies

Lindy Rauscher: Using Slow-Release Permanganate to Remediate PAH Contaminated Water

Tyler Sorensen: The Plant Based Diet: Increasing Human and Environmental Health through Diet

Steven Speicher: Conserving the Platte River's Wildlife Habitat: A Documentary Short