Sue Ellen Pegg and Natalie Umphlett Honored with Awards

Sue Ellen Pegg received a plaque and a check in recognition of her outstanding performance.
Sue Ellen Pegg received a plaque and a check in recognition of her outstanding performance.

Congratulations to Sue Ellen Pegg, SNR recruitment coordinator, and Natalie Umphlett, regional climatologist at the High Plains Regional Climate Center, who were the recipients of the Spring 2012 SNR Staff Recognition Award.

Sue Ellen’s nominators said:

“Sue Ellen has supported and designed the undergraduate recruiting efforts that have resulted in doubling of the F&W major and increases in other majors, including ENVR. She routinely spends both days of her weekend at recruiting events and always has a smile for visitors and staff and faculty and students. In addition, she has taken on the role of outreach 'missionary' for the School--spending additional weekends at events such as Waterfest and the Rivers and Wildlife Celebration. She has designed events like Naturepalooza and captured the imaginations of many school children from elementary to high school with her unique activities. Sue Ellen goes above and beyond her job description, and SNR is a better place for her efforts.”

“Sue Ellen is positive, delightful and always willing to help others out. She will drop everything and assist you if you need help no matter how big or small the item is. She is always smiling and positive which is essential in her job but also just who she is. I've worked with her on several occasions and in different capacities and she is organized, dependable, and always delivers what she promises before it's due. People come to her all day long and she always greets them with a pleasant smile and is willing to help when she can. Sue Ellen deserves to be recognized as she is a ray of sunshine in SNR.”

“I think everyone in this building can confidently say that Sue Ellen is one of the most positive and friendly people on the face of this earth. She is always smiling, chipper, and definitely looks at the world with a ‘half-full’ attitude. … She brings a sense of joy to the workplace that is refreshing and treats every day as an opportunity to do something good for someone and make a positive difference at SNR and everywhere she goes. She is such a great addition to the SNR team – I am so happy that she is here. “

Natalie’s nominators said:

“Natalie is a great asset to the Climate Center, the University community and the extended climate community. Since her hiring in 2008 Natalie has surpassed all expectations in everything she does; from serving data needs of private industry, to education and outreach at public events, to support of research within the University and the academic community. Natalie takes on all projects with energy and professionalism and exceeds all expectations. Natalie is always happy to help in all areas of the Center's activities and her efforts are appreciated by all.”

“There are so many examples of Natalie’s exceptional performance that it is difficult to pick just a few to highlight. Her work ethic and dedication to getting the job done right is exemplary and she consistently strives to better herself and those around her.” Natalie regularly organizes successful educational events and activities for people of all ages.

“She performs her varied and sometimes stressful job responsibilities at the Center with the utmost care, dedication, and attention to detail. Much of her position is service-oriented and she treats all customers as if they are our most important clients. Natalie makes sure she always responds to customer needs and requests in a very timely manner.”