NRT director leading ag network from Canada to Mexico

Leaders in the new NIARR network
Leaders in the new NIARR network

Craig Allen, NRT director, now heads an international network connecting agricultural networks across Canada, the United States and Mexico to better research agricultural systems and their resilience.

“We will over time develop a research agenda and, with the data from this network, start large-scale analyses that couldn't be done just within each individual network,” Allen said.

The Network for Integrated Agricultural Resilience Research unites the Long-Term Agroecosystem Research Network, the Agriculture Canada Living Labs Initiative and ResNet in Canada, the international Resilience Alliance organization and researchers in Mexico. The National Science Foundation awarded the NIARR team a four-year, $400,000 grant to connect Canadian and U.S. networks, and the university provided an additional $150,000 to connect Mexican researchers.

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