Doan-Crider speaks to NRT about safety in the field and in academia for all

Diana Doan-Crider, a Salish Kootenai College researcher
Diana Doan-Crider, a Salish Kootenai College researcher

People of color and women can make work in the outdoors and in academia safer for themselves and others by exercising prudence and making their voices and perspectives heard, Diana Doan-Crider told NRT students on April 27, 2022.

Since NRT students study ecological resilience, Doan-Crider touched on how different groups of people had harmed the environment and one another, but she spent much more time discussing strategies of how people can make academia and fieldwork safer for all.

“Our goal should be to solve problems, not to make a point,” she said. “I know there are all of these ethical points of view, and we can talk about that all day, but when it comes down to it, we are solving problems, and we need to get to the table so we can do that.”

Doan-Crider, a Salish Kootenai College researcher originally from Durango, Mexico, visited the NRT upon invitation of Katia Carranza, a master’s student in the NRT.

“I had not seen any discussions around field safety for at-risk or diverse identities in the STEM spaces I had navigated since undergrad although it seemed like an important topic considering its severe implications,” Carranza said.

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